Monday, August 31, 2009

Monkey and the secret

Title: Monkey and the secret
By: Rohan (Pratya's little brother)
Three words: Tiger, Monkey, Forest
Word-giver: Dad
Date: 8/31/09

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Radhika. She lived in a forest. But a tiger came and the tiger wanted to trick the girl. But when the tiger was there, a monkey told the girl a secret that "get an axe and the tiger will run away!". Radhika got an axe and she threw it at the tiger. The tiger ran away.

Problem: The tiger tricked the girl.
Solution: The tiger was scared of Radhika.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Title: The Great Shield of Earth
By: Pratya
Date: 8/30/2009

(This is my school homework to come up with the 8th wonder of the world)

Purpose: Long ago, an asteroid hit the Earth and destroyed the dinosaurs. There are still many asteroids in the space. We don't want them to destroy us! The great shield of earth will protect us from such dangers.

Unique features: My idea is to build a great wall around the Earth just like the great wall of China. But, we also need sun light, so it should be like a mesh window. The mesh will be made out of strong metal. It will be supported by strong pillars.

Why is it the eighth wonder? It is the world's biggest structure. It is not just around India, it is around the whole world! It is the first wonder built in space.

Story behind the structure: First I wanted to build a rainbow palace. My mom's idea was a Glass castle in the middle of the Sea. My brother's idea was a house on Jupiter. My dad's idea was a floating city in the sky. Then I thought about the sky and the great wall of China, and this idea came into my mind.


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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A mouse at the school

Title: A mouse at the school
By: Pratya
Three words: celebration, ganesha, school
Word-giver: Shilp Dew Teacher (Sunita Ma'am)
Date: 23, Aug, 2009

Once upon a time, there was a school called VAIS in Bangalore. One day, it was Ganesha's birthday. Everybody wanted to celebrate it in the school. Some kids made Ganesha's idol out of clay. Some kids brought sweets. After that, the party was about to begin.

Suddenly, a girl named Radhika screamed, "Friends! We can't start the puja yet!". Everybody looked at her. "Why?" they asked. "We need a mouse for Ganesha to ride on" she said. Everybody started looking for a mouse. Some looked under chairs and some looked in the lunch hall. Then they gave up because they got tired.

"Let's go look in the computer room", said Radhika. "Why?" asked a boy named Rohan. "You will see why" replied Radhika. The children went to the computer room. Radhika asked the computer teacher for a Computer Mouse. The teacher said "Yes". The girl plucked a mouse from one of the computers. Then the children said "Thank you" and left.

Next Radhika said "we need a magic potion". Then the children went to the Arts room. "Ma'am" they told the Arts teacher, "we need a magic potion". The teacher slowly put some rainbow paint in a bottle. Then she put some syrup liquid in it. Then she got a spoon and mixed it and gave it to Radhika. She poured it on the mouse. It turned into a Soft toy mouse! Then they started the puja. The principal called Radhika on to the stage and gave her a medal for helping with the puja.


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Problem: There were no mice for the Ganesha puja.
Solution: They used the Computer Mouse.
Moral: We should not give up. We should think differently.