Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Antarctica Adventure

Three words: Mittens, Shovel, Igloo, Globe
Word-giver: Big Daddy

Hi! I am Spots. I am extremely famous as I solved many adventures and mysteries.

One day, I was sitting on the couch and sipping my Tea, when there suddenly came a knock on the door. Dopey the cat, Pat the parrot and Mischief the mouse came in. The four of us are best friends.

“Now can you tell us?”  said Pat. “Tell what?” asked Spots. “My friend, Pongy the penguin, invited us to Antarctica”, Dopey announced. “Where in the world is Antarctica?” asked Mischief confused. Dopey shrugged. Let’s check on the globe. They searched and searched. But they couldn’t find Antarctica anywhere.  “There it is” said Pat suddenly, "at the bottom of the globe".  “There is a flight going to Antarctica tomorrow” said Dopey. “Let’s go the library and see how the weather is in Antarctica” said Spots. So they all set off.

“Can we have a book about Antarctica, Mrs. Wiggs (a pig)?” asked Pat. The librarian pointed to a shelf named “Places around the world”. So they scampered over there. Mischief picked up a book which was named “Antarctica Days”. She flipped through the pages and read: “Antarctica is a cold place. It snows there throughout the year.”  

“Let’s go back and pack jackets, mittens, caps, and scarves” suggested Pat. So they thanked Mrs. Wiggs and ran back home.

Spots gathered all his clothes which he would need for Antarctica and put them in a Blue bag. He waited for the others to come. First Pat came with an Orange purse. “Got everything?” asked Spots. “I didn’t have a scarf” replied Pat. “I have an extra one, don’t worry” Spots said. He ran upstairs and came down with a pink scarf. “Thanks!” said Pat shoving it in her bag.

Next, Mischief came with a tiny Yellow bag. Spots stroked the little mouse’s tail fondly. Finally. Dopey came with a Pink bag on his back.

“When is the flight?” asked Pat. “8:30pm” said Dopey. “So we’ll leave at 6. Then we’ll check-in and eat breakfast.” “Good idea” said Mischief. “Which airport?” asked Spots. “Wag your tails” replied Dopey. “Goodnight!” yawned Pat. “I’ll wake you up tomorrow”.

So they went to sleep. “RISE AND SHINE SLEEPING BEAUTIES” screamed Pat in the morning. She took all of their luggage and dumped it in the car. Then she dragged her friends and pushed them in. Spots knew how to drive so he started the car. Soon they reached the airport. They checked in, ate some buns, and got on the flight. Pat read a book. Dopey watched a movie. Meanwhile, Spots and Mischief who were sitting next to each other chatted.

After a few hours they reached Antarctica. “I’m so excited” said Dopey squeezing Spots’ hand. After a while they were out of the airport. “It’s freezing!” said Pat a shiver going down her back. “Let’s search for Pongy” said Spots. Suddenly Dopey ran to a little fat Penguin standing nearby. “Pongy!!!” he cried. “I’m so glad to see you!”. “Dopey! It’s been such a long time since we met!”. “Pongy, this is Pat, Spots, and Mischief. They are my best friends. Guys, meet Pongy!” “umm what’s up?” Pat said struggled to find some sensible words. Pongy laughed. “Don’t be nervours, young bird” he said with a grin, “well let’s walk to my igloo.”

As they walked, Pongy started telling them something. “You know King Oliver the peacock, right?” “Yes, so?” asked Michief. “His treasure has been stolen!” “Did youcatch the thief yet?” asked Spots. “Yes, but the crow isn’t confessing where he hid the treasure”, said Pongy.

“Now, have a seat, we’ve reached home”. “Well guys, I think we have another mystery to solve” said Pat. “And any one too!” added Spots with a grin. Everyone laughed.

“The police said that there was not a sign of any treasure in the crow’s house” said Pongy. “Too bad” sighed Dopey. “Lazypoke” said Mischief yawning. Dopey ran after her.

“Goodnight” said Pongy turning off the lights. Everyone was fast asleep except Spots. Spots was up thinking about the mystery. Suddenly something clicked in his mind.

In the morning he told the others. “I think it’s hidden under the snow” announced Spots. “Yeah, exactly!” exclaimed Pat clapping her mittens together. “But we can’t dig up all the snow in Antarctiac!” said Dopey alarmed. “You’ve got a point” said Spots thoughtfully. “We could split up” suggested Pongy. “I know” squeaked Mischief. “Maybe the crow dropped a necklace somewhere and that can lead us to the path”. “Not bad” said Pat. “Or we’ll put our feet deep inside the snow and might feel Gold” said Dopey. “Nice ideas” said Spots approvingly. “I’ll split the work. Dooey and Pat will do what Dopey said” ordered Spots. “Pongy and I will dig up some snow with a shovel”. And Mischief should go deep under the snow. Got it?” said Spots. ‘Yup!” everyone set out to work.

First Dopey and Pat were at deep work. Suddenly Dopey stomped on something hard. “Ow!” he yelped. Pat picked up a Gold coin! “Hey, Dopes look what you found!” she said delighted.

“Hey Spots!” called Dopey. Spots came running. “Look at what Pat and I found.” “Awesome” said
Spots. “Keep it up!” Spots and Pongy were doing a great job. “Come on Spots, we have to find it!” shoted Pongy. Meanwhile, little Mischief was enjoying herself swimming in the snow. Suddenly she bashed into something hard. It was a cave! She got up and cautiously walked inside half curious and half scared. Suddenly there was a fierce roar and a Lion pounced on Michief! Mischief ran behind a pole trembling. She bumped into a box. It was nothing other than the Treasure box!! Mischief couldn’t believe her eyes! She was about to scream for her friends but then she remembered where she was. And how could usch a tiny mouse lift a big box?! Then she remembered she had the Wand that Spots and Dopey had given her. She took it out of her pocket and tapped the box. At once the box grew small. She had a plan. Mischief tucked the box under her arm and ran to the lion bravely. She took a spider and put it on his back. The lion roared with laughter and irritation. In a flash, Mischief was out. Then she screamed “I found King Oliver’s treasure!!”

Everyone  including her friends lifted her up and took her to the king shouting and praising her. She handed the box over to the king and the king praised and patted her on her back.

“Don’t you wish that you also went to Antractica?!”


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who’s scared of a Ghoto!

Hi I am Alicia, Alicia Bonnet. I live in London with my mom Judie, who is a doctor, my dad Frank, who is a scientist, and Cathy the housemaid. I’m 8 years old. I have two friends – Jennifer Williams, an American girl, who has a puppy named Cookie but has no siblings; and Natalie Peterson, an English girl, who has two brothers James and Alex.

“What a wonderful day!” exclaimed Natalie as we biked around the street on a fine day in May. Cookie ran behind her yelping. “I think Cookie agrees with you” I sniggered. “Why don’t we go for a ride in the forest?” suggested Jenny and off we went. “Nice dress” Jenny complimented me. “Thanks” I said, “Aunt Emily gave it to me for my 5th birthday!”

Suddenly, Natalie gave a gasp. “What is it?!” I asked, startled. “I just saw two tiny pink dwarves passing by” replied Natalie, recovering from her shock. “You are just seeing things!” said Jenny scornfully, shaking her head, as her short brown hair bounced up and down.

But then we all saw it! Two tiny pink twin puppies or dwarves (I’m not sure!) came running to us. “Aren’t they cute, Allie?” said Natalie. “Yup!” I replied. “What are your names?” Jenny asked them. “Wee Wee, Wah Wah” said the first one. I think the first one is “LiLi” and the second one is “LaLa” I said with a grin. Lili was pointing to my white dress, Jenny’s white hairband, and Natalies’s white ribbons. “What!” Jenny asked, somewhat irritated. “Ghoto” squealed LaLa and they both broke into a run.

“What’s Ghoto?!” I asked my friends.
 “..and why are they pointing at white things?!” observed Natalie.
“..and why are they such silly creatures?!” exclaimed Jenny rolling her eyes.
“I have an answer for Natalie’s question” I said.
Natalie came running to me eagerly to know the answer.
“May be they are scared of the color white” I suggested.
“or may be something else that is white scares them” said Jenny thoughtfully.
“What’s a white Ghoto!” I questioned.
“Let’s meet at your house” said Natalie and so we did.

First, Jenny arrived with a yellow top and blue jeans, and a football in her hands. “Wanna play?” she asked me.

One thing about Jenny. She is really mad about sports, while Natalie likes dresses and make-up.
“Um.. Sorry, we came here to discuss” I said.
Then Natalie came, her long blonde hair tied up in a plait. “I have an answer to this little mystery!” she announced.
“What!!” I asked eagerly.

“LiLi and LaLa are scared of white goats!” she replied. “How is Ghoto a Goat?” asked Jenny confused. “Come on Jenny! They are just babies” said Natalie as if that was really obvious. “Who would be scared of goats?” I asked. “As I said, they are babies!” said Natalie enjoying all the attention. “Let’s ask your dad, he’s  a scientist” said Jenny to me.

“Hey Girls!” said dad, stepping into the room, “what do you need me for?”

“Dad, do you know any two pink creatures scared of white goats?”

“Not even a baby is scared of goats” replied dad and left the room.

Suddenly, Jenny fell off her chair. “Jenny are you..” I started off. “I got the answer!” squealed Jenny. “What?!” we asked impatiently. “Ghoto meants Ghosts!” replied Jenny “LiLi and LaLa are scared of ghosts”. “So they pointed at the white colors on us” I continued. “And they ran away” finished Natalie.

“What should we do?” I asked.
“Let’s go and comfort them” suggested Jenny.
“Don’t wear anything white!” Natalie giggled and we set off.

LiLi and LaLa were sitting in the forest. “Don’t be scared of ghosts” I said gently. “White stands for peace!” added Natalie. LiLi and LaLa were touched. So we took them home to stay with us. I took LiLi while Natalie took LaLa. “What about you Jenny?” I asked. “It’s ok. I have Cookie” she replied.

And that’s where the story ends

PS: we haven’t realized what creatures LiLi and LaLa are, yet. Have you? If you meet them, tell us what they are!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dopey and Mischief

Three words: Cat, Mouse, Maha Chase
Word-giver: Panu

Hi, I am Spots. Spots the dog. Or Spots the double famous dog! Do you know my last two adventures with Pat the clever parrot and Dopey the crazy cat?

Spots, Dopey and Pat were sitting in a cave and chatting. Dopey was saying bye to Pat and Spots as they were participating in a dog and bird show. "Too bad cats aren't allowed" said Dopey. "Bye guys!" "We'll see you tomorrow" promised Spots. "Yup!" agreed Pat. And they left.

Dopey went home feeling sad and lonely. He sat down and began to fiddle with some string. "Maybe I'll go to my friend Bimbo's  house" he thought. But before he could get up there came a squeak. "There is a mouse in the house" screamed Dopey. "And I'm gonna get it!"

Dopey searched under the bed, on the table, in the fridge, behind the door but the mouse was nowhere to be found. "I was on your head the whole time!" said a voice suddenly. Dopey looked in the mirror and sure enough there was a little white  mouse sitting! "You rascal!" said Dopey. "You you- "Catch me if you can" chanted the mouse running towards the door. Dopey followed. The mouse ran through a bush while Dopey jumped over the bush. The mouse ran across the road and Dopey did the same.Soon the mouse was out of sight.

"Where are you?" demanded Dopey. 

"I'm here" said the mysterious mouse appearing from behind the tree.

Dopy caught hold of her tail but it wiggled and escaped quite easily. "That mouse has the guts to do anything!" though Dopey, but "I wont give up". So he started chasing the mouse again. They ran over mountains, across the lawns, and were soon panting. "Wow!" said Dopey, "this mouse gave me good exercise".

Suddenly Dopey saw a yellow stone lying on the ground. So he picked it up and examined it. As he turned it over in his hand, he got a sudden idea. "May be I should pretend that this is cheese, that should do it!" thought Dopey. "I have a surprise for you little mouse!" called out Dopey. "What is it?" called the mouse stopping. "Cheese!" replied Dopey. "Very funny, prove it!" said the mouse. Dopey showed her the stone. "Yummy!" screamed the mouse licking her lips. "Well come and get it" said Dopey. The mouse came running towards him. But before she could snatch the stone out of Dopey's hands, he caught hold of her.

"I finally caught you!" exclaimed Dopey. "I'm going to give you to Bimbo". But suddenly the mouse gave a jerk and escaped. "You really cheeky thing!" screamed Dopey. After an hour of chasing the mouse, Dopey gave up. He forgot about the mouse and looked forward to seeing Spots and Pat that evening. Finally, they came. "How are you?" squealed Dopey hugging his friends. "Did you win a prize?"

"Yup!" said Spots, "I got first prize in the cleverest dog race". Awesome exclaimed Dopey slapping Spots on the back. "And you?" he asked turning to Pat.

"Third place in the highest flying bird!" replied Pat. "What did you do when we weren't here?" she asked.

Dopey rolled his eyes and told them all about the mouse. There was a moment of silence. Then Pat and Spots burst out laughing. "What's s funny?" asked Dopey puzzled. "Do you mean to say that a little mouse spoiled your whole day?" laughed Spots wiping his eyes. "It's so funny" giggled Pat. Before they could start laughing again, there came a familiar squeak. 
"That's the mouse I'm talking about", said Dopey pointing at the little white mouse. "This time I'm sure he's going to get it".
"Wait" squeaked the mouse "can I be part of your group?"
Spots, Dopey, and Pat exchanged glances. 
"Sure" said kindhearted Pat at once.
"Thank you" said the mouse jumping up in joy.
"I am Dopey, and these are my friends Spots and Pat.We love adventures and mysteries" introduced Dopey.
"What's your name?" asked Spots.
"I'm Mischief, the mouse. I'm a great entertainer. I hope you can use me on your trips".
"Of course" said Dopey "you can irritate any guilty animal".
All three friends hugged, but not Dopey who went to put the yellow stone in his scrap book safely.


A walk with collective nouns

Once there lived a family of people in Mexico. There was Mr. Arthur the dad, Mrs. Claire the mom, Ginny the daughter, and William the son.

One day, the family took out their litter of puppies for a walk. Suddenly, Ginny's puppy gave a jerk and escaped from her hand. It had seen a brood of hens walking by. "Don't you want to see that herd of sweet cows?" Ginny called out to her puppy. But the puppy shook his head and went to see a pride of lions resting in the forest. One of the lions saw it peeking and chased it away. The puppy caught scared and unknowingly barged through a flock of sheep grazing.

"You could've held the leash tighter!" commented William thinking this was great entertainment. "Where's mom?" asked Ginny ignoring her pesky brother. "She's gone to watch a troop of dancers" replied Mr. Arthur. "Hey look! your puppy is tripping over that orchestra of musicians!" exclaimed William. "Come here, you naughty puppy" said Ginny firmly, "we're going home now". The puppy obeyed.

As they walked home, they spotted a stand of flamingoes. "Aren't these beautiful?" said Mrs. Claire as she took a picture of squabble of seagulls. "No! these are!" said William pointing to a murder of crows. When they reached home, Ginny's puppy ran up and down the flight of stairs, a pack of cards in his mouth. Ginny and William got a stack of books and wrote about all the collective nouns they had learned that day.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

The adventures of Spots
The frozen avalanche

Hi, I am spots. Spots the dog. Or maybe Spots the famous dog! You know my last adventure with Pat and Dopey, right?

It was night and Pat, Dopey and Spots were chatting in Pat’s House. They were saying bye to Pat as it was winter and she was migrating. “Bye Pat, we are going to miss you!” chorused Spots and Dopey. “Bye guys!” said Pat. The next day Dopey felt grumpy as Pat wasn’t there to cheer him up. “No Pat and no adventure” he muttered.

“Why don’t we go out and play in the snow?” suggested Spots. “Good idea!” said Dopey brightening up.  “Yay!” squealed Dopey and Spots as they had a snowball fight. Suddenly Mr. John the police dog came running. “There is an avalanche coming in 5 minutes!” he shouted.
"Go back home! “Where should we go, we are stray?” Dopey asked Spots. “Pat’s house!” replied Spots.  “Run! That was close!” said Dopey once they’d reached. “What do you mean that was close, that was extremely close!”retorted Spots.“Seriously Dopes, did I have to pull you?”

“Why don’t we stop the avalanche?” said Dopey suddenly. “Bones and biscuits!” Have you gone mad? Shrieked Spots. “ Come on Spots,please?”said Dopey. “Fine” murmured  Spots.
But how? “Let’s think” replied Dopey. “I Know”! Spots jumped up. “ In our last adventure there was an old cat right?” “ Remember she gave me a wand? “Though nobody knew because it was a secret”. “ I know what you are thinking” interrupted Dopey. “ Let’s use the wand to stop the avalanche!” “Exactly” said Spots. “But we don’t know any magic spell” said Dopey doubtfully.

“We can ask Whiskers the magic witch cat” replied Spots. “Yeah, let’s go! So Dopey and Spots set off to Whiskers cottage. “Who is it?” called Whiskers.” Dopey and Spots” said Dopey timidly.

“Get in” said Whiskers. “Why are you here?”  she cackled.. “Make it fast”. “ You see we er um we” stammered Dopey.  “We need a spell that will stop the avalanche from coming” said Spots. “Let me see” said Whiskers picking up a book. “Meanwhile make sure that the magic cookies which I’m baking don’t get burnt okay Spots?” he said sternly. Spots did as he was told. After 10 seconds  Whiskers called Spots in. “So?” said Spots. “How do we do it?” “Think of your happiest memory” said Whiskers. “Then your saddest”. “That’s all?” asked Dopey. “No”. “Then wave your wand and say ‘Iscartem fisa’. “Got it?” “Yup” answered Spots. “Now get out of here!” ordered Whiskers.

“Wow!” That is one fierce cat!” exclaimed Spots outside. “ Ya, she gives me the heebeejeebees” agreed Dopey. “Now let’s go and freeze the avalanche!” squealed Spots. Dopey and Spots rushed to stop the avalanche.”I say Spots” said Dopey stopping to catch her breath, “Have  you read the latest Catty Potter?” “It’s about this wonderful wizard cat with his  friends Hermousnee  Granger and Rat Weasley”. “Dopey, there is NO time to talk about doggy joggy Potter!” said Spots. “The avalanche is coming in one minute!” And it surely was coming. So Spots and Dopey continued racing to the avalanche. Finally they reached, panting. “Perform the magic, Spots” urged Dopey. “Do it!” Spots thought of his happiest and saddest memories.  Then with confidence he said “Iscartem fisa”! The avalanche stopped. Then it slowly melted. “Yay!” squealed Dopey giving her friend a big hug. “ We would have been in danger if you hadn’t stopped the avalanche!” said Mr. John. The next day Pat was back. She was astonished when Spots &  Dopey told her everything! “I seriously wish I was there!” said Pat.

The three friends hugged with Spots clutching the magic wand tightly in his hand. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Is too much Cricket making us less smart?

Has Sachin hit his 100th century yet? Will Bangalore Royal Challengers win the IPL cup?
Good morning, I’m Pratya from class 4E and my topic is ‘Are minds of people getting eroded due to present state of competitiveness in the game of Cricket?
Yes, I believe so. All of us love to watch cricket. But some people go crazy about it and lose focus on other things. So, minds of people are getting eroded due to the game of Cricket.
Let’s look at some examples to prove this point. Do you remember the World Cup? Of course you do! Everyone was excited about it. We were all delighted that India won. Our minds got on that event and we couldn’t stop talking about it. This was certainly a distraction. Children can lose track of studies if they only think about Cricketers. Also, if we read only the Cricket section in the daily newspaper, we won’t know about other important things going on around us. We won’t even be able to enjoy other fun things like Books if we keep dreaming about Cricket! Sometimes, Cricket distracts us so much that we get tensed about the matches. A few children say “Teacher, I couldn’t do my homework because I was busy watching the world cup!” For example, my brother always says “Can’t I go out and play Cricket instead of staying inside the house?!
I’m not saying that Cricket is all bad. It keeps us fit and healthy if we play it. It’s also a great entertainment to watch Dhoni hit sixers! It gives us an opportunity to show our patriotism for our country. Cricket can also teach us math through adding scores, angle of bowling, etc. It shows us great teamwork.
However, if Cricket is all we play, watch, and talk about, we won’t learn anything else. And that will definitely erode our minds because our minds grow by learning new things. In conclusion, we all love cricket but we should have limits. We should only watch important matches and use the remaining time for other activities. That will keep our minds sharp.
That said, Go RCB!
Thank you!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Adventures of Spots: The Mystery of the Missing Ring

By: Pratya
Three words: Dog, Cat, Bird
Word-giver: Natasha

There was once a dog named Spots. He lived in Paris and was a stray. He had 2 friends Dopey the kitten and Pat the parrot. “Hey Pat how are you?” asked Spots. “Fine!” replied Pat with a grin. “Guess what Dopey did this time!?” said Pat. “She acted like a crazy dog and licked everything she saw! There is Dopey! What’s going on Dope?” asked Spots. ”I am waiting for another adventure” replied Dopey.

Before Pat could say anything Mr. John the police dog came running by. "What happened Mr. John?" asked Spots politely. “Polly the parrot dropped her ring somewhere” replied Mr. John hurriedly. I need to sniff it out! “Guys, we need to help Polly, meet at the bus stop at 11:30”said Pat. Bye! First we need to find out where Polly went today thought Spots. He found a piece of chicken and gobbled it up.

When it was 11:30 the animals met. “Let’s investigate!”squealed Dopey. “No, first we need to split up” said Pat firmly. “Dopey and I will go to the road and start searching. Spots can ask Polly a few questions.” “Sure!” said Spots. Spots ran to Polly’s house. “Who is it?” called Polly. Me, Spots! “Come in”. “So why did you come here?” asked Polly. “To ask you a few questions” replied Spots. “Be fast, I need to take my babies to flying classes!” hurried Polly. “Where were you when you lost the ring?” inquired Spots. “In Squawky rainforest” answered Polly.” Bye I need to take my babies! “ Squawky rainforest” Spots murmured to himself as he went to meet Pat and Dopey. “Hi Spots!” said Pat. “Found anything? Yup! Spots told them about the rainforest. Did you find anything?” asked Spots. “No” said Dopey. “Except, Dopey thought that a snake was some yarn to play with” added Pat. “Patricia!”

“Here’s mom calling, I need to, bye!” said Pat.

“Why don’t we search in squawky rainforest?”suggested Dopey. “We need Pat as a guide” reminded Spots. Dopey yawned. “Goodnight!” said Spots. Both of them curled up and were soon fast asleep.

“Wake up sleepy heads!” screeched Pat in the morning, “we got work to do!” “Ready!” said Dopey and Spots. “Well, let’s get going to Squawky rainforest!” said Spots. “It’s such a long distance” protested Dopey. “Mary the flying horse is going to take us” replied Pat. At that moment Mary the flying horse appeared in front of them. “Get on” she said.

The friends had a wonderful adventure flying on the horse. “Cool!” said Dopey when they reached. “Spots! Sniff under the bushes, Dopy! Search on the ground” Pat ordered “I’ll check in the trees”. The friends searched and searched but the ring was nowhere to be found. “I guess we should come tomorrow” panted Spots, her tongue hanging out. “Certainly” said Pat. “There is Pamela” said Dopey. “Hey Pam!” called Spots. “Dopy told me that you guys were going to find Polly’s ring” said Pam. “Got anything?” “No, we are coming back tomorrow” replied Pat. “Come to my house kennel. We’ll have a few biscuits” said Pam. “Sure! I’m starving” moaned Dopey.

It was soon 6:00 in the morning. Spots didn’t feel like snoozing, so he went for a little walk. “Hey there!” Rosy the cat called. “I gave birth to a new kitten!”. “What did you name him” asked Spots. “Mewsie”.

Suddenly, there was a yelp. Mewsie had fallen in the pool. “Mewsieeee” squealed Rosey. Spots dived into the pool. He caught hold of the little kitten and she was saved. “I don’t know how to thank you!” exclaimed Rosey. “My pleasure” said Spots with a grin. Soon Dopey and Pat joined him. “What’s up” asked Pat. Spots told them. “Good for you buddy!” said Dopey with a grin. “Now let’s go to the rainforest”. “What about Mary?” asked Spots. “She’s too busy, so we’ll have to walk” said Pat.

On the way, they met an old cat. She stopped them and pointed at Spots. “O O O oo say moosy” “What?” said Dopey confused. “She’s saying that Spots saved Mewsie” explained Pat. “Moosy e ma gadotre”. “Mewsie is my granddaughter” repeated Spots. “I gee sommy ee reta” said the cat. “She’s going to give Spots something in return” said Dopey delighted.

The old cat rummaged in her purse and pulled a ring out. “That’s Polly’s ring!” said Spots excited. “Yay! We found the ring!” said Dopey delighted. “Did you steal it?” Pat asked suspiciously. “Me fa the rafa” said the cat. “She found it in the rainforest” said the friends. “Polly would never have found the ring if you hadn’t saved Mewsie!” said Dopey giving her friend a big hug.

“Thank you so much!” exclaimed Polly. “It was nothing” said Spots modestly, “couldn’t have done it without Pat, Dopey, and of course the cat”. “Tha Ku” said the cat.

Can you guess what she said?


Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Tri-Sport Tournament

Three words:Football, Cricket, Hockey
Word-giver: Devanshu

Chapter 1. Introducing Mr. Nithin

There was once a boy named Nithin. He was extremely clever and good in sports. His 3 favorite sports were cricket, football, and hockey. He lived in Mumbai with his sister (Nitya), mom, dad and his little poodle' Tinker'.

Exciting news!
One day Nithin's teacher announced that there was to be a sports match between the girls and boys of 4th grade! What are the sports? asked Tara. "Cricket, football and hockey." replied the teacher. "Yaaaaay!" shouted the boys. "Booooo!" squealed the girls. "Pack your bags everyone" said the teacher.

Chapter 2. Preparation

Nithin excitedly discussed about the matches with his friends. "Cricket is tomorrow" said Ria. Girls rule! shrieked Nitya. "Very funny"muttered Nithin. They soon reached. Tinker barked excitedly when he saw Nithin and Nitya. " Sorry Tinks, we have to practice Cricket" said Nitya patting the poodle on the head. "Ask dad to play Fetch with you" added Nithin.

Nitya and a few girls started practicing. The boys also did. "I'm tired" panted Nitya after an hour and scoring 40 runs. The children went home pleased with their work. "Wuff wuff!" Tinker greeted them. Nitya got some food and freshwater for Tinker while Nithin gave him a wash. Then both of them had their dinner and went to bed. Nithin dreamt of winning the sports cup. Soon it was morning. The children brushed their teeth and combed their hair. They ran to catch the bus. Soon the match began.

Chapter 3. The Cricket Match
 The girls batted first. "Come on Nitya!" shouted Ria. Nitya gracefully hit a six and ran. "Six runs!" said the umpire. Sonia batted next and scored 4 runs. "Come on boys!" groaned Pranav. Next Adya batted and was out as Nithin caught the ball. "Good job!" said Pranav. Nithin grinned. "Nithin catches the ball and Adya is out!" shorted the umpire. Next Tanya batted and scored 20 runs. "Awesome Tanya!" said Sonia. All girls got a chance. They were good. Soon every girl was out. "The girls totally made 70 runs!" shouted the umpire.

Then the boys batted. Everyone batted well. Pranav scored 20 runs. "Awesome Pranav!" said Nithin. Next Rahul batted. He scored 10 runs. Finally, only Nithin was left. "Come on Nithin!" screamed Vedarth, "You can do it!" chorused the boys in unison. Adya spinned the ball. Nithin swiftly hit the ball. "Sixer!" shouted the boys. But unfortunately Nithya gave a leaping jump and caught the ball! "Nitya! Nitya! Nitya!" chorused the grils. "It's an Out! The girls team wins by 2 points!" shouted the umpire.

The boys sadly walked away. "Yaaay!" shrieked the girls. "We rock'n rule!". "It's okay, it's just a game" said Nithin soothingly. "We have football to look forward to" said Pranav who could not bear to lose. Meanwhile the girls were still yelling. "How can we lose!? we have been playing longer than the girls have been!" exclaimed Rahul. "There is Ginny" said Vedarth. Ginny was a bright student who loved challenges. She was kind and the most popular person in class. "Hi guys! I'm really sorry you lost" said Ginny. "It's ok, we are sure we're going to beat you up in football" said Nithin bravely. "All the best" said Ginny with a wink. "Yaay!" the girls shouted meanwhile. "Unusual girl, that Ginny is" muttered Rahul. "Home time!" shouted the teacher.

Chapter 4. Uh oh for Ginny!

Nithin went to find Nitya. He expected to see her with a group of girls. Instead she was sitting in a corner crying. "Nitya, what happened?" Nithin exclaimed. "Ginny slipped in the girls bathroom. She fractured her leg!" "Really?!" Nithin was shocked. He spread the news to the class. They were all sorry for poor Ginny. When Nithin and Nitya reached home, they told their mom about Ginny and Cricket. She immediately rang up Ginny's mom to see if Ginny was OK. She was in the hospital. Then Nithin's mom congratulated Nitya and kissed Nithin on his head. "Do better next time!" she said. Now Tinker perked up his ears when he heard the name Ginny. He was a "Ginny Fan" and wanted to help her somehow. So he started to think.

In the morning, Nithin got a mail from Ginny. It said "I don't know who is going to take my place n the football team. You know how much I like that sport! - Ginny". Nithin told everyone about the mail. Then they started practicing football. Tinker watched the girls. Suddenly he got a brainwave! He would disguise himself as a girl! Then he could play in the team. Ok, he will need to practice. So he asked to Nitya in doggy language. Nitya agreed. So he played. The boys laughed seeing Tinker play football.

Chapter 5. Tinker saves the day

The next day, Tinker collected everything he could fine, like an old ribbon, rubber bands, and clips. Then he asked Goldie the clever bird next door to help him look like a girl. Goldie at once helped him. Tinker also practiced walking like a human being.

"Tomorrow is the football match" announced Nitya. "Let's see who wins!" said Nithin. "We still need someone to take Ginny's place" complained Nitya. Tinker at once started practicing football when he heard the name Ginny. Then he quickly pretended to sleep when Nithin looked.

The next day, the match began. Tinker walked to Nitya and showed her that he wanted to be in the team. "Girls!" called Nitya, "new member!". None of the girls guessed that it was old Tinker. Tinker was very pleased that he could help Ginny. "Aren't you excited, Tara?" asked Ria. 'I would rather fly on a broomstick with Harry Potter" said Tara who was a Harry Potter fan. 'Ready girls?" Nitya asked. "Tara, that old stick is not a wand!".

The match started. First the boys scored 2 goals. Then the girls caught up and scored 3 goals. Nithin kicked the ball in the net but unfortunately it was saved by Niketa the goal keeper. Soon both the teams got 19 goals. "Last point wins!" said the umpire. Then Tinker tackled Vedarth and passed the ball to Tara. "This is a snitch" said Tara. "Whatever a snitch is we don't care, just shoot!" shrieked Tanya. Tara passed the ball to Tinker who shot the ball right into the goal! "Girls win!" screamed the umpire. "Awesome!" the girls told Tinker.
"We win!  by the way can I call you Tinker? you look exactly like my dog!"

Meanwhile the boys didn't care whether they lost of won."Did you know that, even if you win hockey, girls win the sports cup?" exclaimed Ria. "I don't care!" shouted Nithin. Something told Nithin that the boys would certainly win the sports cup. Even though he was angry with the girls for winning, he phoned Ginny and told her about the match. She was delighted. Meanwhile tinker was happily licking everything he saw.

The next day, Ginny was back. Her classmates greeted her warmly. "Where is this person who made our team win?" Ginny demanded. "She is from another school and we didn't take her address" replied Charity. "Great!" muttered Ginny.

Chapter 6. The Grand Finale!
In the evening, the boys started practicing. The girls thought they would easily win and didn't practice. Tara read Harry Potter while Ginny, Sonia, Nitya, Ria, and Charity played handball. The boys practiced hockey for 2 hours and went home panting.

The next day was the match. Nithin and Nitya brushed their teeth, combed their hair, and ran to catch the bus. When the reached, the match started. "The team that gets 20 points wins!" screamed the umpire. Nithin tried tackling Ria but she passed the ball to Charity. Charity got tackled by Pranav but Ginny tackled him and shot a goal. "Yay!" said the girls. Then Tara was tackled by Nithin who shot a goal. Nitya tried to shoot by Rahul was too quick for her passed the ball to Vedarth who short  agoal. At the end, the score was 19 all. Nithin hit a hard beautiful shot and it was a goal!!!! "Yay!" yelled the boys patting Nithin on the back. "We won 2 matches" protested Ria. "Shh! Principal is approaching!" said Sania.

"Good morning children" said the principal pleasantly. "You have all done excellent in the sports. The girls have won 2 matches. I can see the boys have determinedly played well. I'm happy to announce that the boys win the cup! They win because they did not give up!"  "Yahooooooooo" shrieked the boys kissing the cup.


Monday, August 8, 2011

Interactive Experiences

(Elocution topic for Shilp Encounter, August, 2011, written by Pratya)

Hi, I’m Pratya from class 4E. My topic today is Interactive Experiences. I will describe interactions in a family and at the hospital.

We have several interactions within our families. Let’s first look at how my family interacts to make an important decision.  I want a pet dog and I tell that to my Mom at dinner table. She replies “Dogs are dirty. You are too young to take care of one”. My brother says “I’m scared that the dog will drool on me and bite my hand”. Then dad says “we will get a small puppy and all of us will take care of it”. Finally mom agrees to get a dog for my next birthday. This is one interaction I really enjoyed!

Such things keep cropping up in our family. We talk, discuss, argue, and show love. Like, “are you feeling well dear?” mom asks if I’m looking dull. You can always interact with your parents about your problems and they help you solve them.

Some interactions go on about a particular topic. You can discuss with your parents about what happens at the school. Parents and siblings are like our best friends, they are curious to know how we spent our day.

Sometimes, you fight with your siblings about certain things. I say, “Let’s watch Harry Potter on TV”. My little brother Rohan says “I want Tom and Jerry! Harry Potter is scary”. Of course I know that he is wrong! So we get into an argument and then we try to negotiate. I tell him about Harry Potter and now he wants to watch it with me. We also crack jokes and talk about humorous things that happened.

We also interact with our extended families. We interact with our cousins about what games to play and what gifts they got. Our aunts and uncles ask us what birthday gifts we want. We ask our grandparents “How are you?” They say “Are you taking care of your parents?” Then we start telling them about the big events at school and they tell us about what happened when our parents were young. It is a lot of fun to interact with grandparents; they are full of love and lessons.

I recently came to know that I can interact with my father even when he is traveling! I send him an email telling him that we miss him. This makes him really happy and he immediately calls us on the phone.

Next, let us look at interactions at a hospital. When we go to the hospital, we first give our name to the person at the front desk. After sitting in the waiting room for a long time, the doctor calls us in. We tell her our problems. She interacts with us and figures out what is bothering us, like fever, flu etc. Then she gives us medicines telling us how to use them. While giving injections she asks questions to take our mind off it. She tells us good items to eat when sick. The nurses usually check our weight and height to see how we are growing up. I used to think that hospitals are all about painful injections, but these interactions make the visits fun!

In summary, things happen smoothly in the world because of interactions between people. It is important for us to learn how to interact nicely with different people in various environments. I hope you enjoyed this little interaction at Shilp Encounter!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Somu learns a lesson

By: Pratya
Three words: Hurt, Cry, Happy
Word-giver: Aryan, Vidyashilp

There was once a boy called Somu. He was 10 years old and lived in Mumbai. He was a bit selfish, mean, and thought the world of himself.

"Somu, you need to do the math sums your math teacher gave you," Somu's mom called, "and the 15 line essay". "Whatever!" Somu thought. He did only 3 sums in math and 4 ines of the essay. And his hand was paining! "I feel like I wrote 150 lines!" he murmured.

Aryan was Somu's "follower", not "friend". He was very timid and shy, and was rather small for his age.
"Hi Somu!" said Aryan shyly.
"Respect your majesty," Somu shouted.
"Why should we?" a girl named Tanvi shrieked.
Somu went and gave her an angry look. They glared at each other and walked away.

When Somu went home, his mom told him that the next day was Aryan's birthday. Somu was excited.
The next day, his father drove him to Aryan's house. "Have fun!" he said and left. The boys had a lot of fun. They played Cricket and traded Cricket Attax cards. Aryan got a Gold Sachin! Somu was green with envy.

"This is such a dumb party!" he blurted out.

"This is the best part I've been to!" said Rahul immediately.

Somu charged towards him. Instead, he slipped in a puddle nearby. He started to cry. The boys walked away laughing. "Coward!" a boy smirked. Only Aryan was kind to Somu. He put a bandage on Somu's wound. Somu was very grateful. From then on he was a much kinder boy, ready to help anyone. He had many friends but his best friend was Aryan. As for Aryan, he was a very brave boy in life. The two made a good pair and lived happily ever after.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Lively Hallows

By: Pratya
Three words: Brothers who always fight
Word-giver: Arya, Vidyashilp Academy

There were once two brothers Vikram and Vinay. Both of them were kind, hardworking, respectful, and smart. They were 7 years old and lived in a nice house.

Now, one day, as they were walking to the park, they found a beautiful stone. "That stone is so pretty!" Vinay exclaimed. "Let's crack it and keep one half" said Vikram sensibly. They tried several times but it was of no use. Vikram shrieked "I want it Now!". Vinay shouted "You'll surely not get it!" Both of them hurriedly raced to the pretty stone. Surprisingly, the stone suddenly disappeared! Vinay and Vikram were shocked. They glared at each other, turned on their heels, and ran home.

The next day, they were walking to school. A beautiful horse passed by. It had brown eyes and a shiny black coat. Remember the previous day's experience, they kept quiet. But neither of them could resist temptation. They both rushed to grab hold of her, but she vanished! Vikram and Vinay were very puzzled. They went home thinking.

The third day, they saw a Silver gleaming sword. "I can feel it is made right for me!" said Vinay delightfully. Vikram snorted. They both ran towards it. But unfortunately it vanished! Vikram looked around suspiciously.

The next, they met a saint. They asked him about the stone, horse, and the sword.

"You foolish boys! In this world, we do things to help everyone. The stone for curing, the horse for rescuing, and the sword for protecting. Don't judge a book by its cover. You wanted these things for their looks and not to help others, that's why you could not get them."

The brothers were quite taken aback. They went home guiltily. From then on, they changed their behavior when they saw some attractive things. Can you guess how they changed?

Moral: Don't judge things by their appearance. Think about how they can be useful.

Did you like the story? Please leave a comment below for me. Better, give me three new words!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The three friendly dots

By: Pratya
Three words: X, Y, A
Word-giver: Devanshu, Vidyashilp Academy

Hi! I am X, simply X. These are my friends A and Y. We are just three points.
The math teacher in Grade 4 had drawn us on the board to teach circles to students.  God creates humans, Humans create us! Don't they know that we have life? I was so dizzy going around the circle!

"I want to talk to you," groaned A.

"There are no corners where we can stop to talk to each other, remember this is a circle!" I reminded him.

"I have an idea!" exclaimed Y.

I grinned. Y could come up with the craziest ideas, well, she was a girl after all, what do you expect?!
Y, who seemed to read my mind, started off excited.  But A cut her short. "What's your plan?" he asked Y.

"Let's go anti-clockwise!" Y replied.

We tried it, but it was no use. "Uh oh!" muttered Y.

"I need to tell you a secret" A demanded impatiently.

"I have a brainwave", I burst out, making Y and A jump. "You could've woken up the teacher!" Y said with a laugh.

"You see that dog the teacher drew? Let's ask him to rescue us."

"Good idea!" said A. "Doggie, come here!" I commanded.

The dog didn't budge. "She listens only to girls!" said Y slyly.

"Doggie, come here!" said Y in her sweetest voice. He still didn't budge.

"See!" I said.

Suddenly, A gasped. "What happened A?" I asked.

"I have a wonderful idea!" he said.

"Great!" Y muttered.

A ignored her. "You both stay where you. I will walk. Once I go near X, I will grab hold of him and take him. We both will walk towards you."

"Tada! I'm the queen, X is the culprit and you are the soldier. You are going to capture the culprit X and bring him to the queen me!" Y said making us roar with laughter.

So we did it. A grabbed me and we went to meet Y. Everything worked perfectly!

"You're awesome A!" said Y.

"It's nothing!" said A modestly.

"Now, what did you want to tell me?" I asked A.

"I just wanted to meet you guys and tell you that 4th grade students are way cool!" said A.

"It's obvious" I said with a grin.

"Good night!" said Y with a yawn.

A slept on me and Y slept on A.

The next day the teacher was surprised to see only One Dot! Can you guess why there was only one dot?


Monday, July 25, 2011

Allison and the witch

Hi! I am Allison Hayes. I live in Phoenix, USA. I have a little brother names Charles. My mom Veronica Hayes is a doctor. My dad Arthur Hayes is an engineer. I have two friends - Sarah Brown who is from England and has a big sister Olivia Brown, and Joan Hill who is from Paris and has no siblings but has a kitten. Joan, Sarah, and I are 9 years old.

One day, the three of us were walking on the street. Suddenly, Joan tripped over a shell and fell down. "Joan, are you okay?" I exclaimed with concern. Sarah picked up the shell, it was a conch, and blew into it. Suddenly, some green smoke appeared and a witch came. She was rather attractive, but had a smug on her face. She wore  a black pointy cap, a cricketer's suite, and high heel shoes. "How weird!" I thought. I took a step back, scared. I noticed that everyone in town had also smelt the smoke and stepped out of their houses for fresh air. They were shocked to see the weird witch!

"HA HA HA HA HA," she wickedly roared, "I am Bellatrix the witch, your queen from today! I'm going to have a feast tonight."

"Oh pa pa pa please don't, Bellatrix!" wept Joan.

"Here's the deal," commanded the witch. "Everyone should get me all the money from their houses."

We all huddled in the police station to discuss. Suddenly, I got an idea. I shared my idea with everyone excitedly. Mrs. Rosemary, the police, nodded grimly. "Susan, please go and get that book lying near the conch", said Mrs. Rosemary. "Sure mom!" said Susan as she went to fetch the book.

"What's the plan?" asked Joan. "You'll see" I said.

After a few seconds, Susan came back with the book. Mrs. Rosemary flipped the pages looking here and there. It was in some other language that unfortunately none of us could understand. "Hey! what's this?!" cried Sarah, pointing at a picture in the book. I looked carefully at the picture. "Got it!" screamed Joan, making everyone jump. "What does it mean?" asked Mrs. Rosemary.

"It means that if water touches a witch, she will die! Why don't we get buckets of water and throw it on the witch?" said Hermione, a 5th grader. She was a pretty girl with curly hair and was very intelligent. She was also very popular.

"Not a bad idea", said Mrs. Rosemary. So, everyone got some water in buckets. Even Charles, my little brother, got to work.

"Hey Bellatrix!" I called boldly, "we're here to attack you".
"Is that so?" said Bellatrix, "we will see".
"Everyone get ready!" shouted Mrs. Rosemary, "Go! Attack!"
Joan, Sarah, and I swiftly attacked with water by pouring it on Bellatrix.
"Keep it up!" Hermione called.

Sadly, the witch kept disappearing. "You can not fight me" laughed Bellatrix. After one hour of this, everyone was tired. Sarah slept off on the road. Charles who was near the witch started crying out of fear.

"Charles!", Mrs Hayes rushed towards her son.

While Charles was crying, a tear fell on Bellatrix, and she was destroyed once and for all! "What have you done! Boo hoo hoo" she squealed as she disappeared.

"Yay!" erupted everyone in delight. "Let's celebrate!" said Joan. I gave Charles a big Thumbs Up! Sarah, Joan, and I danced in joy. Finally, the story ended with Joan falling down the second time. "Joan! Not again!!" chorused Sarah and I together.


Woodpecker and a boy (a poem)

A poem I wrote in my English class today.

I was sitting on a tree
humming like a bee
when suddenly there was a boy
who hit me a with a toy

He thought he was the best
Oh! that mean old pest!
He hit me on my legs
and almost cracked my eggs

He made me feel hurt
so, I went to peck on his shirt
Ou! he started to yelp
Someone help! help!

Then he said I won't do it again
from now on, I'll be your friend.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Come Soon, Monsoon! - A skit by Pratya


Narrator (Boy 3): It was a beautiful day in Bangalore. Some boys and girls from Vidyashilp Academy had just got back home from school.

Boy 1: Yippeee! It’s a very nice and sunny day! Let’s go out and play, everyone!

Boy 2: Yes! I want to play Cricket!

Girl 1: I want to go skipping!

Girl 2: Let’s all take our bicycles out and go cycling!

Boy2 & Girl 1: Yay let’s all go out and have some fun!

Everyone pretends to be skipping or playing cricket. After a little time..

Narrator:  The kids had just started playing their games outside. But then, suddenly..

Girl 1: Hey! The clouds are getting darker. I think it’s going to rain!

Boy 1: The rain always spoils our fun. Why should it rain every evening?

Boy 2: Oh it must be the Monsoon our English teacher was telling us about!

Girl  1: Monsoon? What soon? What is it?

Girl 2: Oh don’t you know? Monsoon is a yearly weather pattern where parts of India get lot of rain and thunderstorms.

Boy 1: Well whatever this Monsoon is, I don’t like it! It spoilt our evening.

Everyone: “We don’t like this monsoon! It’s no fun at all”

Everyone puts a sad face and start walking away.

Boy 1: Why don’t you all come to my house? My mom is making some snacks.

Girl 2: Good idea! Let’s go.

Knock Knock

Boy 1: Hi mom! What’s there to eat?

Mom (Girl 3): Veggie cutlets, son!

Girl 2: Wow! These cutlets are really yummy!

Boy 1: Yes Mom, how did you make them so tasty?

Mom: Well, your dad got some fresh vegetables from the market. Do you know that because of the wonderful monsoon we’re having this year, farmers are able to grow really healthy crops and we are getting to enjoy great food!

Girl 1: Oh Wow! So that’s what monsoons are all about! They are really nice!

Boy 2: And, we were just complaining about them!


All boys and girls look to the sky and say: Thank you Dear Monsoon! Come again very soon!


Come Soon Monsoon - A skit by Pratya

Narrator (Boy 3): It was a beautiful day in Bangalore. Some boys and girls from Vidyashilp Academy had just got back home from school.

Boy 1: Yippeee! It’s a very nice and sunny day! Let’s go out and play, everyone!

Boy 2: Yes! I want to play Cricket!

Girl 1: I want to go skipping!

Girl 2: Let’s all take our bicycles out and go cycling!

Boy2 & Girl 1: Yay let’s all go out and have some fun!

Everyone pretends to be skipping or playing cricket. After a little time..

Narrator:  The kids had just started playing their games outside. But then, suddenly..

Girl 1: Hey! The clouds are getting darker. I think it’s going to rain!

Boy 1: The rain always spoils our fun. Why should it rain every evening?

Boy 2: Oh it must be the Monsoon our English teacher was telling us about!

Girl  1: Monsoon? What soon? What is it?

Girl 2: Oh don’t you know? Monsoon is a yearly weather pattern where parts of India get lot of rain and thunderstorms.

Boy 1: Well whatever this Monsoon is, I don’t like it! It spoilt our evening.

Everyone: “We don’t like this monsoon! It’s no fun at all”

Everyone puts a sad face and start walking away.

Boy 1: Why don’t you all come to my house? My mom is making some snacks.

Girl 2: Good idea! Let’s go.

Knock Knock

Boy 1: Hi mom! What’s there to eat?

Mom (Girl 3): Veggie cutlets, son!

Girl 2: Wow! These cutlets are really yummy!

Boy 1: Yes Mom, how did you make them so tasty?

Mom: Well, your dad got some fresh vegetables from the market. Do you know that because of the wonderful monsoon we’re having this year, farmers are able to grow really healthy crops and we are getting to enjoy great food!

Girl 1: Oh Wow! So that’s what monsoons are all about! They are really nice!

Boy 2: And, we were just complaining about them!


All boys and girls look to the sky and say: Thank you Dear Monsoon! Come again very soon!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Vacation

During my holidays, I went to Paris. It was a pretty city. We saw Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame (a church), and Disneyland. In Disneyland, my dad and I went on a ride called Space Mountain. I closed my eyes because there were so many loops! We also went in a boat which took us to see beautiful bridges on River Seine. It was fun. Our station's name was Glaciere. We would catch a Metro and go to other stations from there.

After a few days, we went to Phoenix, USA. I met my cousins and their dog Simba. He's fun to play with! We all enjoyed hiking and bowling together. I also got to walk Simba to the park.

Next, we went to Hawaii. Everyday me and my brother would go to the beache. I also went to a Polynesian Center. It was fun watching the dances. My hote's name was Hilton. All girls wore flowers in Hawaii. It was hot there!

Next, we came back to Phoenix. I was glad to be in their cosy house. Then we went to New Jersey. I stayed in my friend Shalini's house. We visited our old friends.

Finally we returned to Bangalore. We then went to Tirupati. I met my grandparents. My cousins Aditya and Anjali also came. We all went to Tirumal Hills and stayed in a cottage. We went to the temple there. My brother and Aditya got their heads shaved. After two days, we went back to Tirupati. I said Bye to my grandparents and took my cousins to Bangalore. We watched movies, played games, and went to the park. We also went to Innovative Film City. Aditya, my aunt, and I did pottery. Soon they left. It was a nice holiday and I'm thankful to my parents!

-- Pratya, IV E

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Circle of kindness

Once there was a butterfly named Flutter. She was very kind. One day she was flying around. Suddenly, she saw a little ant carrying a big sack. "Here, why don't I help you?" asked Flutter.'' Thanks alot '' said the ant.
'' Remember,Kindness  is a virtue. Pay it forward."

The next day the ant went strolling. Out of  the corner of his eye he saw a cow moaning. Remembering what Flutter said, he asked "what happened?" "My back is itching," said the cow. "I'll scratch it," said the ant and he did so. "Oh Thank You!" said Enid the cow. "Kindness is a virtue. Pay it forward." said the ant.

In the evening, Enid was munching grass.Suddenly she saw a little puppy crying bitterly. "Waz appin?" she asked with her mouth full of grass. "I am lost" sobbed Cutie the puppy. Feeling sorry for the puppy, Enid asked "where do you live?" "With Mary Ann," said Cutie. "Why! I know her!" exclaimed Enid. So she took Cutie to Mary Ann. "Thanks a lot!" said Cutie. "Kindness is a virtue. Pay it forward." mooed Enid.

The next day, Mary Ann took Cutie on a walk. Suddenly some mean boys came and pushed little Mary Ann into the pool. "Mary Ann!" squealed Cutie and at once went to Mary Ann's rescue. "Gosh! Thanks!" said Mary Ann to Cutie. "Kindness is a virtue. Pay it forward." yelped Cutie wisely.

Next day, Mary Ann again took Cutie for a walk. Then she saw a frog hopping. Suddenly a man came and trapped the poor frog. Mary Ann felt sorry for the little frog. So she boldly told the man "Stop it!" Fortunately, the man was a coward and he ran away. "Thank you!" croaked the frog. "Kindness is a virtue. Pay it forward." said Mary Ann.

In the evening, Froggie went flycatching. Suddenly, he saw poor Flutter stuck in a nasty web. "Oh no! a frog is coming to eat me" murmured Flutter. To his surprise, Froggie said, "don't worry, I will save you", and he carried Flutter out of the web. "Thanks" said Flutter. "Kindness is a virtue" said Froggie, making Flutter blush. "Seems my message passed around in a circle" said Flutter.

Everyone watching immediately shouted "KINDNESS IS A VIRTUEEEEEEE!"

Moral: Be kind to others. Others will be kind to you.

 Did you like the story? Please leave a comment below for me. Better, give me three new words!