Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Book 10: Abby is joining a boarding school!

I'm very sorry because I'm starting boarding school. Over there, we have beginning, half, and end of the terms. We have to catch a train to go there. For one year, I won't see my parents!!

"Abby, Abby!" my mom called, "stop day dreaming and come and eat dinner."

"Sure ma, coming!"

I was still worried about the school. I would start day after tomorrow. But I felt a little excited. Probably i will make new friends. I slept in bed dreaming about everything.

The next morning I ate breakfast and went out to play. Suddenly, I saw a girl lookig sad!

"Hi, what happened?" I asked her.

"The day after tomorrow, I will start boarding school!" she answered.

"Me too!" I said, "what ever is your name?"

"Elizabeth Allen. you?"

"Abby Perrywinkle. Oh! let's be friends!"

So we played everyday. One day she got me some sweets. I stared at them in delight! Finally, the day started in boarding school.

You better watch out Abby! And remember to write letters to your parents. In Series number 2, check Abby's boarding school adventures.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book 9: Happy Holidays!

Hi, introducing myself. I am Abby Perrywinkle. My friends call me Abby. Yay! my holidays have started!! Tomorrow I will board a flight to Dubai. There are a lot of Muslims over there!

"Abby, Abby!" my mom called, "it is time for bed"

"Oui Mere" (yes mom) I said. (note: Abby lives in Paris and knows French).

I slept soundly. In the morning, it was time to leave. I grabbed my luggage and jumped on the scooter. Buttercup sat on my lap. Soon we left. We then reached the airport. We had a checkin and then were in the flight.

All children were given toys. We are now in the sky. We will land in two hours. We were soon flying. Half hoer over. I watched TV to entertain myself. Soon we reached Dubai.

We took a bus to the hotel. Its name was 4 Points. When we're in the hotel, dad thought let's go to the beach. We quickly changed and left. It was fun playing in the beach. now it was time to go back. We had a nice dinner. I slept soundly.

The next day we had to go to the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa. We went up to the 124th floor. Soon we went back to Four Points. 

Next day we went to Wild Wadi (waterpark). Me and my dad went on huge water slides. "Hey dad" I said, "let's go on the that big tube!"

We had lots of fun in Dubai. We event went to a play area. But I missed my friends. I remembered Decent Lucy and Funny Rocky Ray. Next day it was time to leave. We took a flight. 

Good old Paris!! I met Lucy and we hugged each other. Tomorrow we will be starting Boarding School!!

Book 8: Graduation Day Adventure

Hi I am Abby! Well you won't believe it! Today is the last day of school. We are going to graduate. We have to wear white costumes and a hat. Right now I'm getting ready. Soon I left.

"Hi Abby! you look so cute!" said Lucy. Me and Lucy sat next to each other in the auditorium. 1st it was first grade's turn to graduate. They sang a song and wished everyone happy holidays.

Suddenly, I heard a soft crash. I quietly slipped outside to see what it was. A tiny trap door outside had been opened. I went inside and crept down the stairs. "This is weird" I thought. I peeped through a hole in the wall to see what was going on.

And to my astonishment, there were burglars!

I went as white as a sheet. I climbed up the stairs. Soon when I told my teacher about this, she told a policeman. The robbers were put in jail.

Right now in the auditorium, my class was going on stage. I also went. First everyone gave opinions on school. Then we held hands and went back in front.

After the graduation was over, in class when my teacher was praising me, Rocky stood up and said "what happened? spill the beans!!"

When my teacher told them the burglar story, they went mad (crazy!). They patted me on the back and threw a party.

You just never know what old Abby is up tooooo!

Book 7: Buttercup's Blues

Hi! I'm Abby! I'm soo excited because tomorrow is my birthday. I am going to invite Rocky, Lucy, Jessie, Sm, Andrea, Max, Lavanya, and many more people. I don't want anyone to feel left out.

Suddenly my mom started to call me. "Abby Abby".

I went up to her. "Can you give these invitations to the people you want to invite?" she asked.

"Ok mom" and so I skipped happily outside. I met a lot of my friends. Soon it was time to go home. I slept dreaming of the party.

The next day it was time! All the guests had come. It was fun playing games and eating. Only one person felt miserable. And that was my kitten Buttercup. She was being left out of everything. I had not noticed that. It was a problem for her. Even while cutting the cake she howled. I didn't hear.

Soon the guests left. Only then I realised about Buttercup. She ran up to me and purred loudly. I hugged her. To show her I was sorry I brought fish and milk. But that dint make her happy. I sat and thought what will make her happy. Then I had an idea. I hugged Buttercup and kissed her. Now she was happy! This was the most problem-solution party I ever had in my life!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Book 6: Abby Goes for a Picnic

By: Pratya

Hi, I'm Abby. Today I'm going for a picnic. I'm so excited! I took my pet kitten Buttercup and jumped on the scooter. Soon me and my family left for the picnic. Ah finally! we reached the hill. Then we started eating.

Suddenly, in the corner of my eyes I saw a bluebird crying! I quickly went to it.

"Abby! Abby! where are you?" my parents called.

"Coming!" I answered.
The bluebird had been hurt. So, I carefully helped it. Soon it was alright. It smiled at me and flew away. Then my family and I went home.

That evening, my parents let me go out and play. Suddenly while I was playing I tripped on a rock and fell down. Well, you would think I was crying! Instead, I was laughing. Somebody was helping and tickling me. And who shall that someone be?

No one but the bluebird!

And we became the best animal and human friends!

Problem:  Bluebird was hurt. Then Abby was hurt.
Solution: Abby helped the bird. Then the bird helped Abby.
Moral: Kindness always returns.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Book 5: Lucy's Birthday!

By: Pratya

I was taking my kitten for a walk on Saturday. Suddenly Lucy came running up to me. Before I could say hi she pushed an envelope in my hand. I went home to open it. It was a b'day invitation! My mom said I may go. In the night I dreamt about what I will gie Lucy.

The next day was Lucy's party. But I was coughing. Mom said I can't go if I am coughing. "But ma" I began. "No sweetie, some other time" she said. I didn't go to the party.

On monday, Lucy was very angry with me. She wouldn't come with me at home time. While I was walking home, I tripped over a stone and fell. Behind was the grinning Lucy. "Lucy, I'm very sorry" I said.

Then I had a plan. The next day I stuffed a present in Lucy's cubby. In assembly she had to announce who gave the best gift. This is what she said. 

"3rd place is Jessie Scarlett! She gave me a barbie set"

"2nd place is Andrea Young! she gave me a cute little hamster."

"And finally, oh finally. FIRST place is ABBY PERRYWINKLE! She gave me a heart-shaped pillow which said LOVE!"

I went on stage. Lucy gave me a big hug and said "Sorry Abby"

And there was only one word everyone could chant. And that was "LOVE!!"


Book 4. Abby is a rascal

By: Pratya

I still have my trophy from the race!

Once I was walking with Jessie (my friend) to school. "Could I come to your house tomorrow?" she asked.
"Ok, but it's going to be Tuesday tomorrow!"
"It's a holiday!" protested Jessie. 
"Let's see" I said. 

In school our teacher said the same thing. "Se!" Jessie said. "Ok you can come" I said.

The next day Jessie and I played at our house. "Let's take a nap" Jessie said. "Ok".

In the middle of the nap, I scratched Jessie, puller her hair, snatched her clip, and did more naughty things.

"Stop it Abby!" she said.

Soon mom called us for tea. I told mom that Jessie was sleeping. I tickled Jessie.

"EXCUSE ME, MISS PERRYWINKLE ABBY!" she shouted. "Stop being cheeky!"

"So what!" I said, "Today is my mischief day!"

Now, here's the funny part on how the story ended. When Jessie had to leave, she said, "Seriously, Abby, you are a silly rascal and it was the most fun I had with you today!" and gave me a biiiig hug. 


Book 3: Go Abby go!

By: Pratya

Hi! Nice to meet you again! I am Abby. I was going to school with Rocky Ray my friend. In school the teacher announced that we are going to have ar ace at the farm. Everyone will make partners to sit with in the bus. I winked at my  best friend Lucy. In recess we discussed about it. It was all planned. Me and Lucy will sit in the 2nd last seat. Rocky will set sit behind us. When I went home I told my mom about it. She said "Ok you may go, BUT BE CAREFUL!" Ok I said. Parents are always serious.

Soon it was the day of the field trip. Me and Lucy went to the back as we had planned. Next to us sat Brittany Hauser and Courtney Wilcox. All four of us discussed how fun it will be. Soon we reached the farm. Everyone picked an animal to ride a race. I picked a cow. Soon the race began. I was last. But soon I beat up everyone can  came second. Lavanya was before me. She was so fast that.. SHE FELL! Ih oh! I thought. I got off my cow and made a dive for Lavanya. We both were the last to reach. But I was shocked as the referee said our true friend winner was ABYY PERIWINKLE!

Everyone said "Go ABBY GO" I was so happy! Lavanya had tears in her eyes. I went to pick up my trophy. And guess what still was said?



Book 2: Abby at the beach

By: Pratya

"I am Abby. Yippee! Yippee! I'm gonig to the beach."  

I hurriedly ate my breakfast and changed into my beach clothes. I quickly yelled "Mom, Dad! Are you coming?" And of course they replied "coming Abby!"

I went fast to the middle seat of our scooter and yelled "so long" to my kitten. It was a long drive on the schooter to the beach. Finally we reached there. I jumped off and went into the sand. And guess what! I saw my best friend Lucy Howe! "Lucy!!" I said. "Oh Hi Abby! Hi Ms Diana! Hi Mr Peter!" Lucy was the girl who was the topper in everything in studies and had beautiful manners. I said "why dont we lie down for sometime?" I asked. "Sure" said Lucy and we lied down.

Suddenly, Lucy poured a bucket of water on me. "Stop Lucy!" I yelled. She made a crab pinch me. "oooo! Im going to smack you LUCY HOWELL!"" Then that Lucy Howell put an enormous stone on me. I was going to smack her very hard but I realized that this had been a dream :-)


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Book One: Abby in the Jungle

By: Pratya
Three words: Strawberry, Jungle, Suprise
Word-giver: Saathi

I am Abby. One day, I was eating  my breakfast. And this is what happened.

It all started with the strawberry I was eating. After that, I went out on my bike to the jungle. I happened to see lots of strawberry trees which was strange. I kept exploring. I saw my breakfast cereals growing on plants! This was all strange. Then I saw a Candy Land which was made out of candies, totally. And guess what it said?! It said - "Abby's home". I went inside. I saw my mom. She said "Hi Abby! I got a gift for you!" And I got two surprises.

The 1st was that I got a present which had a small glass, which showed me in the jungle. I was stunned!
The 2nd one was --- this was all just a dream!!!! :)

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Adi and Miss. More

By: Pratya
Three words: Idli, Jupiter, Earth

Word-giver: Aditya
Date: March, 6, 2010

This is a poem in the tune of Ms Mary Mack. - Pratya

There was a boy named Adi Adi Adi
Who loved to eat Idli Idli Idli
He lived on Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter
When he came to earth he said "er er er"

Since his name was Adi Adi Adi
Everyone called him Padi Padi Padi
So he told his Dad Dad Dad
What everyone said said said
But his dad was in bed bed bed
So he made a wish wish wish
And ate some fish fish fish
Obviously in a dish dish dish

There was a knock on the door door door
It was Miss More More More
She had so much greed greed greed
Because of her name indeed deed deed

So Adi tried to stop her, stop her, stop her
And so he did did did

And everyone was happy happy happy
And they said "Go Adi, Adi, diiiiii!"


Problem: Everyone was teasing Adi and Ms More was very greedy
Solution: Adi changed Ms More and Everyone praised him!
Moral: Do something good and people will stop teasing you

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Toothbrushes and Dogs

By: Pratya
Words: Butterfly + Shoe, Toothbrush + Dog, Snake + Backpack
Word-giver: Daddy
Date: March, 6th, 2010

Note: The idea of this "story" is to come up with new ideas by using RANDOM words. This is a trick for lateral thinking of creative ideas. - Dad.

Toothbrush + Dog: Tooth brush can bark (give an alarm) when you don't brush your teeth on time!
Problem solved: We forget to brush our teeth sometimes.

Snake + Backpack: A backpack that changes its colors (or design) like a snake sheds its skin every month! For example, one month Hannah Montana, and the next month Little Mermaid.
Problem solved: The same backpack design gets boring.

Shoe + Butterfly: A shoe which has antennas to throw out mud.
Problem solved: The shoe can clean its self.


Moral: We can come up with new ideas by combining unrelated words!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Bedtime Poem

By: Pratya
Three words: Peacock, Rain, Dance
Word-giver: Ammamma
Date: Feb, 14, 2010

A peacock was prancing and prancing
Then a peahen came dancing and dancing

But soon it started to rain
So the peacock laughed and sang:

"Oh rain! Oh rain! you give us pain
Oh rain! Oh rain! not all in vain.."

"So, don't feel sad
There's nothing bad -"

The peahen shouted

" Bad rain! Bad rain!
you give us pain
All the opposite of  that peacock's song"
And she stomped away "BONG BONG BONG"

The peacock began to prance
So the peahen said let's go away and dance

But soon it was night
so they switched off the light
and yelled "good night!!!"


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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The boy and his dream

By: Rohan
Three words: Boy, Lost, Dream
Word-giver: Tanvi
Date: Feb, 7, 2010

Once upon a time there lived a boy. He lived in a house in Singapore. His name was Lookie and he was 7 years old. One day he wanted to play outside. So he went out and played. But he got lost. He got really scared and screamed out. Actually, it was just a dream!


Problem: Lookie got scared
Solution: It was just a dream
Moral: Don't have to be scared of dreams!

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The questioning boy

By: Pratya (7y)
Three words: boy, teacher, hug
Word-giver: Pratya
Date: 10, Jan, 2010

There was once a boy named Rohan. He was 4yrs old and lived in India. He always wanted to ask questions to his teachers. One day he went to his teacher Ms Rhoda and asked her a question like "what is this and what is that" and she answered it. This happened many times. Sometimes he also told her things. One day when he was telling her what had happened at his house, she had to keep on and on listening because it was a very long story. Then he went back to his desk. When he went home, he asked his mother something.
She also had to answer his questions just like his teacher did. Then he went to his teacher and told her this.

The teacher said "I'm getting annoyed".

But the boy said "I just wanted to tell you that I love you because you always answered my questions" and hugged his teacher.


Problem: Rohan had to always ask his teacher something
Solution: At the end, he said something nice
Moral: Always listen. The teacher did not listen.

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The clever monkey and the naughty boys

By: Rohan (5y)
Three words: Cricket, monkey, playground
Word-giver: dad
Date: 9, Jan, 2010

Once upon a time, there lived two naughty boys. They loved Cricket. Their names were Rohan and Ramu. One day, without telling their mothers, they went to a playground to play Cricket. But, they got lost. They were so scared. Then, a monkey came to help them. It found a path to their house.

When they went to their house, they told their mothers that they will never go out without telling their mothers.


Problem: Rohan and Ramu got lost.
Solution: The monkey found a path.
Moral: Don't go out without telling your parents.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Susie's Tiger

By: Pratya
Three words: Tiger, Forest, Monkey / Chimpanzee
Word-giver: May Zhu and Pratya
Date: 2, Jan, 2010

There was once a girl named Susie. She lived in Africa. She had a small baby tiger cub as a pet. As days passed by, the cub grew up into a handsome tiger. Susie's mom told her that she had to return the tiger to the forest. "Aww" cried Susie. But she obeyed her mom and went to the forest. She left the tiger there and went back home.

The tiger also started to miss Susie. But he made many nice friends because Susie had taught him how to be nice. His best friend was Flora, a chimpanzee. Every day, both of them would play happily. One fine day, Flora fell into the river. All the animals crowded around discussing what to do to save her. Then, suddenly, the tiger raised his hands. He whispered in their ears. They made a big rod and finally pulled Flora out. The first thing she asked was, "did King Wenacles the Lion save me?" "No" said the animals, "the tiger did". The chimpanzee hugged the tiger.

The next day came. As the tiger was playing, an evil crazy monkey said "hmm I want to eat that tiger". He started chasing the tiger around. The tiger roared for help. Luckily Flora saw the danger and took the monkey and threw him away. The tiger said to himself "my best friend!". As for the monkey, he sat with his hands on his hips.

But, the tiger still missed his owner Susie.


Problem: The chimpanzee fell in the water
Solution: The tiger helped her and then the chimpanzee helped him
Moral: If you help someone, they will help you

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