Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Lost Mommy

Title: The Lost Mommy
Three words: Mommy, Daddy, Love
Word-giver: Ankur
Date: 18, June, 07

Once upon a time, there was a lovable family. But one day the daddy lost his wife. He started praying. Then he saw many wives but not his own. Then he saw his own. He said "I've been looking for you!" The mommy would promise to never be lost again.


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Monday, June 16, 2008

Who is scared?

Title: Who is scared
Three words: Rohan, Mommy, Daddy
Word-giver: Mommy
Date: 16, June, 08

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Rohan. He was walking in the forest. Then he heard a sound "janshiki boom boom". Rohan asked "could you be my friend?" "I am your mommy," it said. Then someone was touching her shoulders. It was daddy. Then someone was coming behind them. Everybody was scared. It was just Pratya!

Then Pratya and Rohan were going on an Angel boat. Mommy and daddy went in a canoe. They saw a Fairy boat. They went in the Fairy boat. Mommy and daddy said "be careful". So they went.


Friday, June 13, 2008

The Magic Rainbow

Three words: rainbow, girl, forest
Word-giver: Sudha Atha
Date: 6/13/08

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She was coming back from her school. Then she went into a forest. It was raining. She started praying.Then she saw God. God made it bright. There was a rainbow. The rainbow looked like a bridge. The girl followed and walked on the rainbow. It was colorful. It could talk. It walked with the little girl. The rainbow led the way. They both were friends.
The purple color said "I love you". Then everybody started saying it. But except for one - the indigo did not say it. But the little girl still liked it even though it was shy. The little girl called indigo "shylie". Then indigo said "I love you". They were all friends forever.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The snail taught the little girl to be good

Three words: Pratya, chicken, nugget
Word-giver: Pinni
Date: June 11th, 2008

There was a girl named Pratya (but she is really not me). She was eating some chicken. Then she saw a nugget on the ground. She picked it up and she said "Oh, this nugget is dirty!". Then she threw it back on the ground. There was a little, beautiful snail on the ground. She spied the nugget. She said "This nugget is dirty", but she was also on the ground. So she ate it. Then God came. He gave her magical wings. When somebody tried to hurt her, she didn't mind. God told them not to hurt her because she had so much powers. Pratya saw the little snail doing this. So she became good. The little girl, the snail, and of course God, became friends.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Monkey who Taught the Tiger to be Good

Words: tiger, monkey, forest
Word Giver: Big Thatha
Date: June 9th 2008

There were a monkey and a tiger who were bad to each other every day. One day, they were sleeping. The tiger sneaked into the monkey’s house. Then, he took off the monkey’s cover. Then, the monkey sneaked into the tiger’s house. He painted a tiger on the mirror. When the tiger came to see in his mirror if his hair was growly, he was so surprised! He said, “WOW!” because he wished he had a tiger on his mirror. He went outside to see the monkey. He asked the monkey if he had painted the tiger on his mirror. The monkey said, “YES!”. They both became friends.

They went into the forest. They heard a noise. It went “whooooo”. A wolf was making the noise. The wolf chased them. Then when the monkey fell, he transformed himself into Hanuman. He gave the tiger powers. The wolf was scared because the tiger was chasing him. When it got dark, the tiger and the monkey went to bed.


The Little Star That Could Talk

Words: star, study, sing
Word Giver: Big Daddy
Date: June 5th 2008

Once upon a time, there was a little boy studying in school. He was singing while he was studying. He sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. Then there was a dot on the ceiling. It was shining. He told his teacher he wanted to go out. His teacher said “Yes”. So he went. Everyone followed him, even the teacher. They saw what it was. It was a STAR! The star asked them if she could write on the roof. They thought that the star could be their pet. They said “Yes”. So they were friends forever.


The Frog and the Deer

Words: Frog, Slide, Light
Word Giver: Nithin
Date: June 4th 2008

Once there was a frog that went in the forest – tiptoe, tiptoe. He heard a sound “swish swash swish swash”. There were people. The people were wiping a slide so everyone could play. The frog slithered on the slide. But it was dark. Then he heard another singing sound. It was a deer. The frog and the deer were playing on the slide. But when it got dark, they slept. When they slept, light came back.


How Pratya Brought a Star Down to Earth

Words: pratya, rohan, star, heart
Word Giver: Dad
Date: June 3rd 2008

There was a sister and brother living in New Jersey. Their names were Pratya and Rohan. One day, they went walking. Rohan asked “what is that gold circle in the sky?” Pratya said “my mom told me what that is. It is a star!” Rohan said, “Oooh!” Something hurt Rohan’s heart. He wanted that star. Then his sister got a mirror. She showed her brother the star in the mirror. Rohan said, “I love that akka! Thank you for getting me the star! You are like Jai Hanuman!!”


The Princess and the Pony

Words: Princess, Pony
Word Giver: Dad
Date: May 19th 2008

Once upon a time there was a princess. She was looking for her pony. A little girl went in the forest. Then she heard a sound. The sound said “I want my princess”. The animal came out - it was a pony. The little girl was surprised. The pony was crying. The girl took the pony back to the princess. The princess was happy. The princess, the little girl, and the pony became best friends forever.


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