Sunday, July 31, 2011

Somu learns a lesson

By: Pratya
Three words: Hurt, Cry, Happy
Word-giver: Aryan, Vidyashilp

There was once a boy called Somu. He was 10 years old and lived in Mumbai. He was a bit selfish, mean, and thought the world of himself.

"Somu, you need to do the math sums your math teacher gave you," Somu's mom called, "and the 15 line essay". "Whatever!" Somu thought. He did only 3 sums in math and 4 ines of the essay. And his hand was paining! "I feel like I wrote 150 lines!" he murmured.

Aryan was Somu's "follower", not "friend". He was very timid and shy, and was rather small for his age.
"Hi Somu!" said Aryan shyly.
"Respect your majesty," Somu shouted.
"Why should we?" a girl named Tanvi shrieked.
Somu went and gave her an angry look. They glared at each other and walked away.

When Somu went home, his mom told him that the next day was Aryan's birthday. Somu was excited.
The next day, his father drove him to Aryan's house. "Have fun!" he said and left. The boys had a lot of fun. They played Cricket and traded Cricket Attax cards. Aryan got a Gold Sachin! Somu was green with envy.

"This is such a dumb party!" he blurted out.

"This is the best part I've been to!" said Rahul immediately.

Somu charged towards him. Instead, he slipped in a puddle nearby. He started to cry. The boys walked away laughing. "Coward!" a boy smirked. Only Aryan was kind to Somu. He put a bandage on Somu's wound. Somu was very grateful. From then on he was a much kinder boy, ready to help anyone. He had many friends but his best friend was Aryan. As for Aryan, he was a very brave boy in life. The two made a good pair and lived happily ever after.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Lively Hallows

By: Pratya
Three words: Brothers who always fight
Word-giver: Arya, Vidyashilp Academy

There were once two brothers Vikram and Vinay. Both of them were kind, hardworking, respectful, and smart. They were 7 years old and lived in a nice house.

Now, one day, as they were walking to the park, they found a beautiful stone. "That stone is so pretty!" Vinay exclaimed. "Let's crack it and keep one half" said Vikram sensibly. They tried several times but it was of no use. Vikram shrieked "I want it Now!". Vinay shouted "You'll surely not get it!" Both of them hurriedly raced to the pretty stone. Surprisingly, the stone suddenly disappeared! Vinay and Vikram were shocked. They glared at each other, turned on their heels, and ran home.

The next day, they were walking to school. A beautiful horse passed by. It had brown eyes and a shiny black coat. Remember the previous day's experience, they kept quiet. But neither of them could resist temptation. They both rushed to grab hold of her, but she vanished! Vikram and Vinay were very puzzled. They went home thinking.

The third day, they saw a Silver gleaming sword. "I can feel it is made right for me!" said Vinay delightfully. Vikram snorted. They both ran towards it. But unfortunately it vanished! Vikram looked around suspiciously.

The next, they met a saint. They asked him about the stone, horse, and the sword.

"You foolish boys! In this world, we do things to help everyone. The stone for curing, the horse for rescuing, and the sword for protecting. Don't judge a book by its cover. You wanted these things for their looks and not to help others, that's why you could not get them."

The brothers were quite taken aback. They went home guiltily. From then on, they changed their behavior when they saw some attractive things. Can you guess how they changed?

Moral: Don't judge things by their appearance. Think about how they can be useful.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The three friendly dots

By: Pratya
Three words: X, Y, A
Word-giver: Devanshu, Vidyashilp Academy

Hi! I am X, simply X. These are my friends A and Y. We are just three points.
The math teacher in Grade 4 had drawn us on the board to teach circles to students.  God creates humans, Humans create us! Don't they know that we have life? I was so dizzy going around the circle!

"I want to talk to you," groaned A.

"There are no corners where we can stop to talk to each other, remember this is a circle!" I reminded him.

"I have an idea!" exclaimed Y.

I grinned. Y could come up with the craziest ideas, well, she was a girl after all, what do you expect?!
Y, who seemed to read my mind, started off excited.  But A cut her short. "What's your plan?" he asked Y.

"Let's go anti-clockwise!" Y replied.

We tried it, but it was no use. "Uh oh!" muttered Y.

"I need to tell you a secret" A demanded impatiently.

"I have a brainwave", I burst out, making Y and A jump. "You could've woken up the teacher!" Y said with a laugh.

"You see that dog the teacher drew? Let's ask him to rescue us."

"Good idea!" said A. "Doggie, come here!" I commanded.

The dog didn't budge. "She listens only to girls!" said Y slyly.

"Doggie, come here!" said Y in her sweetest voice. He still didn't budge.

"See!" I said.

Suddenly, A gasped. "What happened A?" I asked.

"I have a wonderful idea!" he said.

"Great!" Y muttered.

A ignored her. "You both stay where you. I will walk. Once I go near X, I will grab hold of him and take him. We both will walk towards you."

"Tada! I'm the queen, X is the culprit and you are the soldier. You are going to capture the culprit X and bring him to the queen me!" Y said making us roar with laughter.

So we did it. A grabbed me and we went to meet Y. Everything worked perfectly!

"You're awesome A!" said Y.

"It's nothing!" said A modestly.

"Now, what did you want to tell me?" I asked A.

"I just wanted to meet you guys and tell you that 4th grade students are way cool!" said A.

"It's obvious" I said with a grin.

"Good night!" said Y with a yawn.

A slept on me and Y slept on A.

The next day the teacher was surprised to see only One Dot! Can you guess why there was only one dot?


Monday, July 25, 2011

Allison and the witch

Hi! I am Allison Hayes. I live in Phoenix, USA. I have a little brother names Charles. My mom Veronica Hayes is a doctor. My dad Arthur Hayes is an engineer. I have two friends - Sarah Brown who is from England and has a big sister Olivia Brown, and Joan Hill who is from Paris and has no siblings but has a kitten. Joan, Sarah, and I are 9 years old.

One day, the three of us were walking on the street. Suddenly, Joan tripped over a shell and fell down. "Joan, are you okay?" I exclaimed with concern. Sarah picked up the shell, it was a conch, and blew into it. Suddenly, some green smoke appeared and a witch came. She was rather attractive, but had a smug on her face. She wore  a black pointy cap, a cricketer's suite, and high heel shoes. "How weird!" I thought. I took a step back, scared. I noticed that everyone in town had also smelt the smoke and stepped out of their houses for fresh air. They were shocked to see the weird witch!

"HA HA HA HA HA," she wickedly roared, "I am Bellatrix the witch, your queen from today! I'm going to have a feast tonight."

"Oh pa pa pa please don't, Bellatrix!" wept Joan.

"Here's the deal," commanded the witch. "Everyone should get me all the money from their houses."

We all huddled in the police station to discuss. Suddenly, I got an idea. I shared my idea with everyone excitedly. Mrs. Rosemary, the police, nodded grimly. "Susan, please go and get that book lying near the conch", said Mrs. Rosemary. "Sure mom!" said Susan as she went to fetch the book.

"What's the plan?" asked Joan. "You'll see" I said.

After a few seconds, Susan came back with the book. Mrs. Rosemary flipped the pages looking here and there. It was in some other language that unfortunately none of us could understand. "Hey! what's this?!" cried Sarah, pointing at a picture in the book. I looked carefully at the picture. "Got it!" screamed Joan, making everyone jump. "What does it mean?" asked Mrs. Rosemary.

"It means that if water touches a witch, she will die! Why don't we get buckets of water and throw it on the witch?" said Hermione, a 5th grader. She was a pretty girl with curly hair and was very intelligent. She was also very popular.

"Not a bad idea", said Mrs. Rosemary. So, everyone got some water in buckets. Even Charles, my little brother, got to work.

"Hey Bellatrix!" I called boldly, "we're here to attack you".
"Is that so?" said Bellatrix, "we will see".
"Everyone get ready!" shouted Mrs. Rosemary, "Go! Attack!"
Joan, Sarah, and I swiftly attacked with water by pouring it on Bellatrix.
"Keep it up!" Hermione called.

Sadly, the witch kept disappearing. "You can not fight me" laughed Bellatrix. After one hour of this, everyone was tired. Sarah slept off on the road. Charles who was near the witch started crying out of fear.

"Charles!", Mrs Hayes rushed towards her son.

While Charles was crying, a tear fell on Bellatrix, and she was destroyed once and for all! "What have you done! Boo hoo hoo" she squealed as she disappeared.

"Yay!" erupted everyone in delight. "Let's celebrate!" said Joan. I gave Charles a big Thumbs Up! Sarah, Joan, and I danced in joy. Finally, the story ended with Joan falling down the second time. "Joan! Not again!!" chorused Sarah and I together.


Woodpecker and a boy (a poem)

A poem I wrote in my English class today.

I was sitting on a tree
humming like a bee
when suddenly there was a boy
who hit me a with a toy

He thought he was the best
Oh! that mean old pest!
He hit me on my legs
and almost cracked my eggs

He made me feel hurt
so, I went to peck on his shirt
Ou! he started to yelp
Someone help! help!

Then he said I won't do it again
from now on, I'll be your friend.