Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book 9: Happy Holidays!

Hi, introducing myself. I am Abby Perrywinkle. My friends call me Abby. Yay! my holidays have started!! Tomorrow I will board a flight to Dubai. There are a lot of Muslims over there!

"Abby, Abby!" my mom called, "it is time for bed"

"Oui Mere" (yes mom) I said. (note: Abby lives in Paris and knows French).

I slept soundly. In the morning, it was time to leave. I grabbed my luggage and jumped on the scooter. Buttercup sat on my lap. Soon we left. We then reached the airport. We had a checkin and then were in the flight.

All children were given toys. We are now in the sky. We will land in two hours. We were soon flying. Half hoer over. I watched TV to entertain myself. Soon we reached Dubai.

We took a bus to the hotel. Its name was 4 Points. When we're in the hotel, dad thought let's go to the beach. We quickly changed and left. It was fun playing in the beach. now it was time to go back. We had a nice dinner. I slept soundly.

The next day we had to go to the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa. We went up to the 124th floor. Soon we went back to Four Points. 

Next day we went to Wild Wadi (waterpark). Me and my dad went on huge water slides. "Hey dad" I said, "let's go on the that big tube!"

We had lots of fun in Dubai. We event went to a play area. But I missed my friends. I remembered Decent Lucy and Funny Rocky Ray. Next day it was time to leave. We took a flight. 

Good old Paris!! I met Lucy and we hugged each other. Tomorrow we will be starting Boarding School!!

Book 8: Graduation Day Adventure

Hi I am Abby! Well you won't believe it! Today is the last day of school. We are going to graduate. We have to wear white costumes and a hat. Right now I'm getting ready. Soon I left.

"Hi Abby! you look so cute!" said Lucy. Me and Lucy sat next to each other in the auditorium. 1st it was first grade's turn to graduate. They sang a song and wished everyone happy holidays.

Suddenly, I heard a soft crash. I quietly slipped outside to see what it was. A tiny trap door outside had been opened. I went inside and crept down the stairs. "This is weird" I thought. I peeped through a hole in the wall to see what was going on.

And to my astonishment, there were burglars!

I went as white as a sheet. I climbed up the stairs. Soon when I told my teacher about this, she told a policeman. The robbers were put in jail.

Right now in the auditorium, my class was going on stage. I also went. First everyone gave opinions on school. Then we held hands and went back in front.

After the graduation was over, in class when my teacher was praising me, Rocky stood up and said "what happened? spill the beans!!"

When my teacher told them the burglar story, they went mad (crazy!). They patted me on the back and threw a party.

You just never know what old Abby is up tooooo!

Book 7: Buttercup's Blues

Hi! I'm Abby! I'm soo excited because tomorrow is my birthday. I am going to invite Rocky, Lucy, Jessie, Sm, Andrea, Max, Lavanya, and many more people. I don't want anyone to feel left out.

Suddenly my mom started to call me. "Abby Abby".

I went up to her. "Can you give these invitations to the people you want to invite?" she asked.

"Ok mom" and so I skipped happily outside. I met a lot of my friends. Soon it was time to go home. I slept dreaming of the party.

The next day it was time! All the guests had come. It was fun playing games and eating. Only one person felt miserable. And that was my kitten Buttercup. She was being left out of everything. I had not noticed that. It was a problem for her. Even while cutting the cake she howled. I didn't hear.

Soon the guests left. Only then I realised about Buttercup. She ran up to me and purred loudly. I hugged her. To show her I was sorry I brought fish and milk. But that dint make her happy. I sat and thought what will make her happy. Then I had an idea. I hugged Buttercup and kissed her. Now she was happy! This was the most problem-solution party I ever had in my life!!!