Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Book 5: Lucy's Birthday!

By: Pratya

I was taking my kitten for a walk on Saturday. Suddenly Lucy came running up to me. Before I could say hi she pushed an envelope in my hand. I went home to open it. It was a b'day invitation! My mom said I may go. In the night I dreamt about what I will gie Lucy.

The next day was Lucy's party. But I was coughing. Mom said I can't go if I am coughing. "But ma" I began. "No sweetie, some other time" she said. I didn't go to the party.

On monday, Lucy was very angry with me. She wouldn't come with me at home time. While I was walking home, I tripped over a stone and fell. Behind was the grinning Lucy. "Lucy, I'm very sorry" I said.

Then I had a plan. The next day I stuffed a present in Lucy's cubby. In assembly she had to announce who gave the best gift. This is what she said. 

"3rd place is Jessie Scarlett! She gave me a barbie set"

"2nd place is Andrea Young! she gave me a cute little hamster."

"And finally, oh finally. FIRST place is ABBY PERRYWINKLE! She gave me a heart-shaped pillow which said LOVE!"

I went on stage. Lucy gave me a big hug and said "Sorry Abby"

And there was only one word everyone could chant. And that was "LOVE!!"


Book 4. Abby is a rascal

By: Pratya

I still have my trophy from the race!

Once I was walking with Jessie (my friend) to school. "Could I come to your house tomorrow?" she asked.
"Ok, but it's going to be Tuesday tomorrow!"
"It's a holiday!" protested Jessie. 
"Let's see" I said. 

In school our teacher said the same thing. "Se!" Jessie said. "Ok you can come" I said.

The next day Jessie and I played at our house. "Let's take a nap" Jessie said. "Ok".

In the middle of the nap, I scratched Jessie, puller her hair, snatched her clip, and did more naughty things.

"Stop it Abby!" she said.

Soon mom called us for tea. I told mom that Jessie was sleeping. I tickled Jessie.

"EXCUSE ME, MISS PERRYWINKLE ABBY!" she shouted. "Stop being cheeky!"

"So what!" I said, "Today is my mischief day!"

Now, here's the funny part on how the story ended. When Jessie had to leave, she said, "Seriously, Abby, you are a silly rascal and it was the most fun I had with you today!" and gave me a biiiig hug. 


Book 3: Go Abby go!

By: Pratya

Hi! Nice to meet you again! I am Abby. I was going to school with Rocky Ray my friend. In school the teacher announced that we are going to have ar ace at the farm. Everyone will make partners to sit with in the bus. I winked at my  best friend Lucy. In recess we discussed about it. It was all planned. Me and Lucy will sit in the 2nd last seat. Rocky will set sit behind us. When I went home I told my mom about it. She said "Ok you may go, BUT BE CAREFUL!" Ok I said. Parents are always serious.

Soon it was the day of the field trip. Me and Lucy went to the back as we had planned. Next to us sat Brittany Hauser and Courtney Wilcox. All four of us discussed how fun it will be. Soon we reached the farm. Everyone picked an animal to ride a race. I picked a cow. Soon the race began. I was last. But soon I beat up everyone can  came second. Lavanya was before me. She was so fast that.. SHE FELL! Ih oh! I thought. I got off my cow and made a dive for Lavanya. We both were the last to reach. But I was shocked as the referee said our true friend winner was ABYY PERIWINKLE!

Everyone said "Go ABBY GO" I was so happy! Lavanya had tears in her eyes. I went to pick up my trophy. And guess what still was said?



Book 2: Abby at the beach

By: Pratya

"I am Abby. Yippee! Yippee! I'm gonig to the beach."  

I hurriedly ate my breakfast and changed into my beach clothes. I quickly yelled "Mom, Dad! Are you coming?" And of course they replied "coming Abby!"

I went fast to the middle seat of our scooter and yelled "so long" to my kitten. It was a long drive on the schooter to the beach. Finally we reached there. I jumped off and went into the sand. And guess what! I saw my best friend Lucy Howe! "Lucy!!" I said. "Oh Hi Abby! Hi Ms Diana! Hi Mr Peter!" Lucy was the girl who was the topper in everything in studies and had beautiful manners. I said "why dont we lie down for sometime?" I asked. "Sure" said Lucy and we lied down.

Suddenly, Lucy poured a bucket of water on me. "Stop Lucy!" I yelled. She made a crab pinch me. "oooo! Im going to smack you LUCY HOWELL!"" Then that Lucy Howell put an enormous stone on me. I was going to smack her very hard but I realized that this had been a dream :-)