Monday, September 20, 2010

Book 6: Abby Goes for a Picnic

By: Pratya

Hi, I'm Abby. Today I'm going for a picnic. I'm so excited! I took my pet kitten Buttercup and jumped on the scooter. Soon me and my family left for the picnic. Ah finally! we reached the hill. Then we started eating.

Suddenly, in the corner of my eyes I saw a bluebird crying! I quickly went to it.

"Abby! Abby! where are you?" my parents called.

"Coming!" I answered.
The bluebird had been hurt. So, I carefully helped it. Soon it was alright. It smiled at me and flew away. Then my family and I went home.

That evening, my parents let me go out and play. Suddenly while I was playing I tripped on a rock and fell down. Well, you would think I was crying! Instead, I was laughing. Somebody was helping and tickling me. And who shall that someone be?

No one but the bluebird!

And we became the best animal and human friends!

Problem:  Bluebird was hurt. Then Abby was hurt.
Solution: Abby helped the bird. Then the bird helped Abby.
Moral: Kindness always returns.

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