Thursday, June 28, 2012

Funny Poem

By: Pratya     Date:28/6/12
As I go to the palace,
Watching a yummy cake,
Covered with icing,
Lying beside some steak.

Chocolates, sweets, donuts,
Am I in a dream?
Ice cream with sprinkles,
And extra whipped cream.

I glanced at mom and dad
They stared at the food in disgust!
I asked them what happened?
They said we're leaving we must!

I stamped my foot in protest,
We're not leaving no way!
This place is awesome!
We're staying here okay!

"Get in!" shouted mom
She had a glint in her eye,
I sulkily got in the car
Oh my, oh my! oh my!

Where will we go?
Will it be somewhere nice?
What if its Antarctica?
What if there's a lot of ice!

When we reached, there were
insects everywhere,
slugs in my shirt,
worms in my hair!

"What is this place!" I shrieked,                                            
shooing a bee away,                                                           
but dad was speechless, 
and mom had nothing to say!

Finally we reached the house,
It was made out of hay,
"Well, lets go in"
I heard dad say.

As soon as we touched the door,
The house broke into pieces,
Oh where should we live? What should we do?
Help us! Jesus! 

Suddenly a dog walked to us,
And what an idea I had,
Lets go to England,
I told mom and dad.

They agreed wholeheartedly,
And now we live in England,
What a day I thought,
As I stretched my legs on the sand...


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