Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Monkey who Taught the Tiger to be Good

Words: tiger, monkey, forest
Word Giver: Big Thatha
Date: June 9th 2008

There were a monkey and a tiger who were bad to each other every day. One day, they were sleeping. The tiger sneaked into the monkey’s house. Then, he took off the monkey’s cover. Then, the monkey sneaked into the tiger’s house. He painted a tiger on the mirror. When the tiger came to see in his mirror if his hair was growly, he was so surprised! He said, “WOW!” because he wished he had a tiger on his mirror. He went outside to see the monkey. He asked the monkey if he had painted the tiger on his mirror. The monkey said, “YES!”. They both became friends.

They went into the forest. They heard a noise. It went “whooooo”. A wolf was making the noise. The wolf chased them. Then when the monkey fell, he transformed himself into Hanuman. He gave the tiger powers. The wolf was scared because the tiger was chasing him. When it got dark, the tiger and the monkey went to bed.


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vp said...


Lovely stories and a great idea!
Here are three words for you:

Squirrel, Acorn, Airplane