Saturday, January 17, 2009

The hungry lion

Title: The hungry lion
Three words: Lion, Giraffe, Forest
Word-giver: Mom
Date: 17, Jan, 09
Onceupon a time, there lived a lion. One day it was very hungry. All of the other lions were eating fish. One of the lions asked, "why don't you eat fish?". The lion did not like fish. "How about I search the forest" said the lion. So he went to the forest. Over there he met a rat. The rat said "you can eat a deer". But he said "deers are my girlfriends". Then he went on. He met a fox. Fox said "you can eat people". "But they will kill me". So he went. He met a girl lion. He was so happy. The girl lion said, "how about we hunt?" The lion said "yes". They saw a bad giraffe. They ate it.


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