Thursday, February 12, 2009

I want a pet

Title: I want a pet
By: Pratya
Three words: Flag, India, School
Word-giver: Sudha Aunty
Date: 12, Feb, 2009
Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was going to school. She always wanted a pet. But her parents did not let her. Suddenly, she saw a flag waving at her. She thought it was her friend named Lily. But it was not. Then saw some fur. She thought it was a tiger or a lion. But it was not. May be it was a dog. She kept walking. Then she saw it. It was a cute little kitten. It was very very hungry. So she gave it some food. She wanted to keep it. But she had to go to school. So she went on. On the way, she met Lila. She told Lila about the kitten. Soon they were there. At school, they went on a field trip to India. Over there, they met a lot of cats. Suddenly, the girl found the kittern's mother. She ran to it and gave it to her teacher. She said, "It was somebody's mother". So the teacher let her take it. Then they went back. It was hometime. So she took the cat home. On the way, they met the kitten. So she, the kitten, and the cat went home. Her mother let her have them because she did something good.

Problem: The kitten was lost.
Solution: They found her mother.

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