Sunday, April 26, 2009

A race at the farm

Title: A race at the farm
By: Pratya
Three words: Farm, Horse, Girl
Word-giver: Mom
Date: 25, Apr, 2009

Once upon a time, there was a house. In the house there was a girl named Bella. She was from Ireland. One day she went to school. Her teacher told everybody that tomorrow there will be a field trip. Everybody had to a go to the farm. They would be riding different animals her and her friends Alley, Samantha, and Minnie. They always played horsey's. Minnie would be the pink horse. Alley would be the white horse. Bella would be the brown horse and Samantha would be the black horse.

Finally it was home time. Bella went on bus number four. Then bus number 4 left. Then she went home. Her teacher had put a note in her bag for the field trip. She wold her mom that she had to go to a farm. Her mom said "Okay". Bella went upstairs. She started playing on her bed. It was night time. Bella was sleeping. She hoped she got to ride a horse the next day.

Finally it was morning. Bella brushed her teeth and went downstairs. Then she ate breakfast and went to school. At school she went on the bus with her teacher and her friends. Finally, they were at the farm.

Everybody went out of the bus. They were very excited. Their teacher told them which animals they had to ride on. Bella had to ride a horse, her favorite animal! She was soooo happy. Suddenly her teacher called her "Bella". Bella went to her teacher. Her teacher said that she had to go on her horse. So she went. Her teacher helped her get on the horse.

Then there was a race. Bella had to win. Suddenly the whistle blew. Everybody started to ride their animal. Minnie and Bella were in the lead. Bella thought she would lose. Suddenly Alley fell off her pig. Now Bella was in the lead. Bella went off her horse. She helped Alley get on her pig. Now Minnie was in the lead. Bella quickly caught up with her. They both went to the end. First Bella.

Bella was the winner! Bella was so so happy. Everybody said "Bella is the champion". Bella got a Golden cup and Medal. Everybody else got a Golden medal. Then they got in the bus and went back to school. Then it was home time.

Problem: Alley fell down
Solution: Bella helped Alley
Moral: Help others and you will always win.


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