Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The boy and the cactus

Title: The boy and the cactus
By: Pratya
Three words: cactus, boy, girl
Word-giver: Pratya

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Nihal and a girl named Natanya. They lived in Hong Kong. One day, they went to the beach. They saw many cacti (NOT cactuses) there. The boy teased the girl by singing "you can't touch a cactus!". The girl felt sad. Then she thought of a greattt idea! She told the boy, "if you tease me, then you show me how to touch the cactus!". The boy went with the girl to a cactus. She told him to touch the cactus. The boy was scared but he still touched the cactus. He started screaming in pain because the cactus was very pokey. He said "I will never, ever tease anyone again!"

Moral: Do not tease anyone.
Problem: The girl was sad.
Solution: The girl taught the boy a lesson.

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