Sunday, August 30, 2009

Title: The Great Shield of Earth
By: Pratya
Date: 8/30/2009

(This is my school homework to come up with the 8th wonder of the world)

Purpose: Long ago, an asteroid hit the Earth and destroyed the dinosaurs. There are still many asteroids in the space. We don't want them to destroy us! The great shield of earth will protect us from such dangers.

Unique features: My idea is to build a great wall around the Earth just like the great wall of China. But, we also need sun light, so it should be like a mesh window. The mesh will be made out of strong metal. It will be supported by strong pillars.

Why is it the eighth wonder? It is the world's biggest structure. It is not just around India, it is around the whole world! It is the first wonder built in space.

Story behind the structure: First I wanted to build a rainbow palace. My mom's idea was a Glass castle in the middle of the Sea. My brother's idea was a house on Jupiter. My dad's idea was a floating city in the sky. Then I thought about the sky and the great wall of China, and this idea came into my mind.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Pratya, your project is so cool! Very nice invention!

Deepika said...

Hi Pratya, Your project is so cool! Very nice invention!

daddy said...

This idea really amazed me! It's far better than what I expected or would have come up with. I like how built upon the ideas and did lateral thinking.
Proud of you!