Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The pot of gold

By: Pratya
Three words: mermaid, rainbow, banana
Word-giver: Lavanya Aunty from Singapore
Date: 11, Nov, 2009

There once lived a mermaid named Kaylie. She lived in the Indian ocean near India. She was always kindhearted to everyone. One day when she was swimming in the ocean, she got very tired because it was night and very dark. She wished that it was not dark and she imagined that there was a big rainbow around her. But no rainbow came (of course!).

Then Kaylie swam ashore. A wise monkey sitting by the shore read her mind. He was holding a banana. He broke into half and gave one piece to Kaylie who tried to catch it. But suddenly the banana tried into a pot of gold and Kaylie was astonished! Then a rainbow appeared from the pot. An Apple came from the red part of the rainbow, an orange from the orange part, a banana came from the yellow part, a Kiwi fruit came from the green part, a blueberry came from the blue part, grapes came from the indigo part, and finally a pomegranate came from the violet part. Kaylie ate half of each fruit and gave the rest to her friends. She and her friends enjoyed the picnic.

A selfish fish passed by. It stopped when it saw the mermaids having a picnic. It sneaked to the pot of Gold near the rainbow and picked it up. The mermaids knew that the fish stole their pot of Gold. They swam to it and took the Gold right back and lived happily ever after.


Problem: The mermaid did not like dark.
Solution: The monkey gave her a rainbow and a pot of gold.
Moral: Magic can happen.

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