Sunday, March 7, 2010

Toothbrushes and Dogs

By: Pratya
Words: Butterfly + Shoe, Toothbrush + Dog, Snake + Backpack
Word-giver: Daddy
Date: March, 6th, 2010

Note: The idea of this "story" is to come up with new ideas by using RANDOM words. This is a trick for lateral thinking of creative ideas. - Dad.

Toothbrush + Dog: Tooth brush can bark (give an alarm) when you don't brush your teeth on time!
Problem solved: We forget to brush our teeth sometimes.

Snake + Backpack: A backpack that changes its colors (or design) like a snake sheds its skin every month! For example, one month Hannah Montana, and the next month Little Mermaid.
Problem solved: The same backpack design gets boring.

Shoe + Butterfly: A shoe which has antennas to throw out mud.
Problem solved: The shoe can clean its self.


Moral: We can come up with new ideas by combining unrelated words!

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