Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Antarctica Adventure

Three words: Mittens, Shovel, Igloo, Globe
Word-giver: Big Daddy

Hi! I am Spots. I am extremely famous as I solved many adventures and mysteries.

One day, I was sitting on the couch and sipping my Tea, when there suddenly came a knock on the door. Dopey the cat, Pat the parrot and Mischief the mouse came in. The four of us are best friends.

“Now can you tell us?”  said Pat. “Tell what?” asked Spots. “My friend, Pongy the penguin, invited us to Antarctica”, Dopey announced. “Where in the world is Antarctica?” asked Mischief confused. Dopey shrugged. Let’s check on the globe. They searched and searched. But they couldn’t find Antarctica anywhere.  “There it is” said Pat suddenly, "at the bottom of the globe".  “There is a flight going to Antarctica tomorrow” said Dopey. “Let’s go the library and see how the weather is in Antarctica” said Spots. So they all set off.

“Can we have a book about Antarctica, Mrs. Wiggs (a pig)?” asked Pat. The librarian pointed to a shelf named “Places around the world”. So they scampered over there. Mischief picked up a book which was named “Antarctica Days”. She flipped through the pages and read: “Antarctica is a cold place. It snows there throughout the year.”  

“Let’s go back and pack jackets, mittens, caps, and scarves” suggested Pat. So they thanked Mrs. Wiggs and ran back home.

Spots gathered all his clothes which he would need for Antarctica and put them in a Blue bag. He waited for the others to come. First Pat came with an Orange purse. “Got everything?” asked Spots. “I didn’t have a scarf” replied Pat. “I have an extra one, don’t worry” Spots said. He ran upstairs and came down with a pink scarf. “Thanks!” said Pat shoving it in her bag.

Next, Mischief came with a tiny Yellow bag. Spots stroked the little mouse’s tail fondly. Finally. Dopey came with a Pink bag on his back.

“When is the flight?” asked Pat. “8:30pm” said Dopey. “So we’ll leave at 6. Then we’ll check-in and eat breakfast.” “Good idea” said Mischief. “Which airport?” asked Spots. “Wag your tails” replied Dopey. “Goodnight!” yawned Pat. “I’ll wake you up tomorrow”.

So they went to sleep. “RISE AND SHINE SLEEPING BEAUTIES” screamed Pat in the morning. She took all of their luggage and dumped it in the car. Then she dragged her friends and pushed them in. Spots knew how to drive so he started the car. Soon they reached the airport. They checked in, ate some buns, and got on the flight. Pat read a book. Dopey watched a movie. Meanwhile, Spots and Mischief who were sitting next to each other chatted.

After a few hours they reached Antarctica. “I’m so excited” said Dopey squeezing Spots’ hand. After a while they were out of the airport. “It’s freezing!” said Pat a shiver going down her back. “Let’s search for Pongy” said Spots. Suddenly Dopey ran to a little fat Penguin standing nearby. “Pongy!!!” he cried. “I’m so glad to see you!”. “Dopey! It’s been such a long time since we met!”. “Pongy, this is Pat, Spots, and Mischief. They are my best friends. Guys, meet Pongy!” “umm what’s up?” Pat said struggled to find some sensible words. Pongy laughed. “Don’t be nervours, young bird” he said with a grin, “well let’s walk to my igloo.”

As they walked, Pongy started telling them something. “You know King Oliver the peacock, right?” “Yes, so?” asked Michief. “His treasure has been stolen!” “Did youcatch the thief yet?” asked Spots. “Yes, but the crow isn’t confessing where he hid the treasure”, said Pongy.

“Now, have a seat, we’ve reached home”. “Well guys, I think we have another mystery to solve” said Pat. “And any one too!” added Spots with a grin. Everyone laughed.

“The police said that there was not a sign of any treasure in the crow’s house” said Pongy. “Too bad” sighed Dopey. “Lazypoke” said Mischief yawning. Dopey ran after her.

“Goodnight” said Pongy turning off the lights. Everyone was fast asleep except Spots. Spots was up thinking about the mystery. Suddenly something clicked in his mind.

In the morning he told the others. “I think it’s hidden under the snow” announced Spots. “Yeah, exactly!” exclaimed Pat clapping her mittens together. “But we can’t dig up all the snow in Antarctiac!” said Dopey alarmed. “You’ve got a point” said Spots thoughtfully. “We could split up” suggested Pongy. “I know” squeaked Mischief. “Maybe the crow dropped a necklace somewhere and that can lead us to the path”. “Not bad” said Pat. “Or we’ll put our feet deep inside the snow and might feel Gold” said Dopey. “Nice ideas” said Spots approvingly. “I’ll split the work. Dooey and Pat will do what Dopey said” ordered Spots. “Pongy and I will dig up some snow with a shovel”. And Mischief should go deep under the snow. Got it?” said Spots. ‘Yup!” everyone set out to work.

First Dopey and Pat were at deep work. Suddenly Dopey stomped on something hard. “Ow!” he yelped. Pat picked up a Gold coin! “Hey, Dopes look what you found!” she said delighted.

“Hey Spots!” called Dopey. Spots came running. “Look at what Pat and I found.” “Awesome” said
Spots. “Keep it up!” Spots and Pongy were doing a great job. “Come on Spots, we have to find it!” shoted Pongy. Meanwhile, little Mischief was enjoying herself swimming in the snow. Suddenly she bashed into something hard. It was a cave! She got up and cautiously walked inside half curious and half scared. Suddenly there was a fierce roar and a Lion pounced on Michief! Mischief ran behind a pole trembling. She bumped into a box. It was nothing other than the Treasure box!! Mischief couldn’t believe her eyes! She was about to scream for her friends but then she remembered where she was. And how could usch a tiny mouse lift a big box?! Then she remembered she had the Wand that Spots and Dopey had given her. She took it out of her pocket and tapped the box. At once the box grew small. She had a plan. Mischief tucked the box under her arm and ran to the lion bravely. She took a spider and put it on his back. The lion roared with laughter and irritation. In a flash, Mischief was out. Then she screamed “I found King Oliver’s treasure!!”

Everyone  including her friends lifted her up and took her to the king shouting and praising her. She handed the box over to the king and the king praised and patted her on her back.

“Don’t you wish that you also went to Antractica?!”


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