Sunday, April 7, 2013

Summer's here!

Children, open your books
Page twenty, Paragraph three
Ugh, another boring subject
Why can't school just flee?

Ding-dong goes the bell,
yippee! summer holds have come!
No more cracking your brain
over a difficult sum

Sparrow are tweeting,
it's the end of school
Kids are squealing 
and splashing in the pool

We are super-excited
the time has come
Summer is the time
to have loads of fun

Where to go this time?
you're arguing at home
China? No, Russia!
Or may be even Rome

You could go to a whole new place
or the park or the beach
Summer is the time to enjoy
no teachers to teach

Everyone is happy
and so is the Sun
which is pouring down rays
Oh! I owe summer a ton!

Don't think about 
the next school year
Just enjoy the moment
cuz summer is here

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