Monday, June 30, 2014

Title: The Wishing Willow Tree

I was roaming around in the jungle,
when someone landed right beside me,
A cheeky fairy with a wand in hand,
and in the next moment I was a willow tree.

From then on, I stood there in the jungle,
as my branches grew old day by day,
I watched the predators, preys and plants,
and the village children coming out to play.

Then one fine day as I stood there,
the wind blowing, making my leaves sway,
A little girl no older than six,
walked up crying in loud dismay.

She wrapped her arms around my thick trunk,
and said, "I want a goat really badly!"
Then a goat walked up, she erupted with joy,
From then on, I was the wishing willow tree.

Parents would pour out all their troubles,
and children would excitedly run up to me,
So when I find myself in depression or regret,
I think of myself as the wishing willow tree.

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