Sunday, January 4, 2009

The smart boy from Hungary

Title: The smart boy from Hungary
Three words: Lion, Antarctica, Kid
Word-giver: Dad
Date: 4, Jan, '08

Once upon a time, there was a small kid who was from Hungary. There was also a lion from Antarctica. One day the boy went to Madagascar. And the lion also went there. One day the little boy went to the forest. He saw something moving in the bushes. It was a LION!!! The little boy was not scared. He knew a trick that his dad taught him.

He said to the lion “do you want to be friends?”

The lion said “yes”.

The boy said “lets play catch. I go first.”

So he threw the ball and the lion caught it. The second time, it fell in the river. The lion and the kid looked in the river. The kid said, “Ohh! There is another lion”. So the lion jumped in and never came back.


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Aditya said...

i no why the boy thout there were 2 lions....