Sunday, February 22, 2009

Waiting for Valentine

Title: Waiting for Valentine
By: Pratya
Three words: Valentine, Hearts, Swing
Word-giver: Dad
Date: 20, Feb, 09

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Clarie. She lived in London, England. She was scared of the dark. Next day was Valentine's day. She was sleeping in the dark. Finally it was morning. She ran to the swing. Over there she thought about valentine's day. Then her mom called her "CLARIEEEE". Clarie did not listen. Then her mother came up. She saw Clarie sitting on the swing. She asked, "what happened?". Clarie did not say anything. Her mother patted her very nicely. Then Clarie told her mother all about her fear of the dark. They went downstairs so they could have breakfast.

Then the doorbell rang. It was her friend Emily. Emily said, "Clair, what happened?". Clarie did not say anything. Then Emily said, "I have a surprise for you". They went to Emily's house.

Emily's mother said, "Why did you bring your friend? We have to take a bath!"

"But mom! I wanted to show her my pet", Emily said.

"Do it quickly honey", mom said.

"Okay" said Emily.

Then Emily showed her pet to Clarie. It was a hamster. "I have to go home" said Clarie. She was feeling good. She started walking home. "Mother, I am here" said Clarie.

"Ok sweetie. Go to bed" said her mom.

"Okay. Shhhhhhh" Clarie went to bed.

Suddenly it was morning. Claries's mother said "Happy Valentine's Day!" Clarie said "Happy Heart day". "What's heart day" mom said. "I'm not telling you, Ha Ha!" said Clarie. "Ok, you go outside. I will take rest" her mom said.

Clarie said, "Now I have to go home".


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Harini (Pinni) said...

Pratya, i enjoyed your story a lot! It was very sweet and funny and we are so impressed with the drawings!!! Keep up the good work.