Monday, September 7, 2009

The Wise Cat

By: Pratya
Moral: "The oldest is the wisest"
Giver: Teacher
Date: 7, Sept, 09

In a big forest, there lived a cat, a dog, and a frog. One day they went to a river. The river was shallow. The three friends sat beside it. Then they saw a crocodile and they ran away from there.

After several months, they came back to the same river. By then it had rained a lot and th river had become full. The wise cat, "Let's not go in the water". The dog said "you are just scared because you are old". The dog and the frog jumped in the river. Suddenly the crocodile started chasing them. They ran to the cat said, "Oh wise cat! We learned our lesson. The oldest is the wisest!"


Did you like the story? Please leave a comment below for me. Better, give me three new words!

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Arvind Ramachander said...

Dear Pratya ! :)
Wonderful seeing you writing stories and blogging :)
Here are the 3 words:
ice cream

Try to make a nice story out of them :)

All the best !