Sunday, September 20, 2009

The girl who learned a monkey pose

By: Pratya
Three words: Monkey, Tree, Yoga
Word-giver: Dad
Date: 20, Sept, 2009

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kristen. She lived in Singapore. Every day, she went to Yoga classes. She did Tree pose. One day, when she went to Yoga, the teacher taught the class an asana called Monkey Pose. When the teacher showed them the pose, they fell down laughing - everybody except Kristen. Everyone surrounded her.

"She looks nervous!" said Bella.

"What happened?" everyone asked Kristen.

"I don't practice Yoga" said Kristen.

"You should learn how to laugh!" said a girl named Michelle who was very talkative.

When Kristen went home, she told her mother all the things she had to do. Her sister Natanya tickled Kristen to make her laugh.

The next day, Kristen and her family went out hiking. They found a monkey picking Apples from a tree. When the monkey saw Kristen, he leapt on her. "Aaaah!" screamed Kristen. Then she realized that the monkey liked her. They both played and the monkey taught her how to behave like a monkey. After that, they had to pluck apples. Kristen was the only one who could climb the tree because the monkey helped her. When they went back home, Kristen ate dinner and went to sleep.

Next morning, when Kristen went to her Yoga class, she did the monkey pose very well. Everyone asked how she had learned it. She told them how the monkey taught her the asana. Her Yoga teacher told the whole class to clap for her. So everyone clapped. When it was time to go, Kristen went to the terrace. Sitting there was the monkey.


Problem: Kristen did not how to do the monkey pose.
Solution: The monkey taught her the asana.
Moral: Animals can teach people.

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