Saturday, October 3, 2009

The foolish boy

By: Pratya
Three words: Singapore, Butterfly, Light
Word-giver: Pratya
Date: 3, Oct, 2009

There was once a boy named Mohan. He lived in Singapore. He loved to play with butterflies. His mother always told him "do your homework on your own. Then play with butterflies". So he obeyed. One day, when he went out to play, he saw a big butterfly. He thought it was going to harm him. He cried and cried until he ran home. Then he stopped crying. When he went to bed, he dreamed of that big butterfly.

The next morning, he brushed and went downstairs for breakfast. He felt much better. When it came to going out to play, Mohan said "NO!". His mother asked "what happened?". Mohan told her the whole story in one breath. His mom took Mohan out and recognized the butterfly. She gave it some milk. The milk was shining because of the Sunlight. When the butterfly finished drinking, it told Mohan "I just wanted to be your friend!". Mohan felt foolish that he was scared of the butterfly.


Problem: Mohan was scared of a butterfly.
Solution: It was not harmful.
Moral: Don't jump to conclusions.

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