Sunday, January 10, 2010

The questioning boy

By: Pratya (7y)
Three words: boy, teacher, hug
Word-giver: Pratya
Date: 10, Jan, 2010

There was once a boy named Rohan. He was 4yrs old and lived in India. He always wanted to ask questions to his teachers. One day he went to his teacher Ms Rhoda and asked her a question like "what is this and what is that" and she answered it. This happened many times. Sometimes he also told her things. One day when he was telling her what had happened at his house, she had to keep on and on listening because it was a very long story. Then he went back to his desk. When he went home, he asked his mother something.
She also had to answer his questions just like his teacher did. Then he went to his teacher and told her this.

The teacher said "I'm getting annoyed".

But the boy said "I just wanted to tell you that I love you because you always answered my questions" and hugged his teacher.


Problem: Rohan had to always ask his teacher something
Solution: At the end, he said something nice
Moral: Always listen. The teacher did not listen.

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