Saturday, January 2, 2010

Susie's Tiger

By: Pratya
Three words: Tiger, Forest, Monkey / Chimpanzee
Word-giver: May Zhu and Pratya
Date: 2, Jan, 2010

There was once a girl named Susie. She lived in Africa. She had a small baby tiger cub as a pet. As days passed by, the cub grew up into a handsome tiger. Susie's mom told her that she had to return the tiger to the forest. "Aww" cried Susie. But she obeyed her mom and went to the forest. She left the tiger there and went back home.

The tiger also started to miss Susie. But he made many nice friends because Susie had taught him how to be nice. His best friend was Flora, a chimpanzee. Every day, both of them would play happily. One fine day, Flora fell into the river. All the animals crowded around discussing what to do to save her. Then, suddenly, the tiger raised his hands. He whispered in their ears. They made a big rod and finally pulled Flora out. The first thing she asked was, "did King Wenacles the Lion save me?" "No" said the animals, "the tiger did". The chimpanzee hugged the tiger.

The next day came. As the tiger was playing, an evil crazy monkey said "hmm I want to eat that tiger". He started chasing the tiger around. The tiger roared for help. Luckily Flora saw the danger and took the monkey and threw him away. The tiger said to himself "my best friend!". As for the monkey, he sat with his hands on his hips.

But, the tiger still missed his owner Susie.


Problem: The chimpanzee fell in the water
Solution: The tiger helped her and then the chimpanzee helped him
Moral: If you help someone, they will help you

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dad said...

The last line is unexpected and leaves a sad feeling. Wonderful pappu doll.