Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Book One: Abby in the Jungle

By: Pratya
Three words: Strawberry, Jungle, Suprise
Word-giver: Saathi

I am Abby. One day, I was eating  my breakfast. And this is what happened.

It all started with the strawberry I was eating. After that, I went out on my bike to the jungle. I happened to see lots of strawberry trees which was strange. I kept exploring. I saw my breakfast cereals growing on plants! This was all strange. Then I saw a Candy Land which was made out of candies, totally. And guess what it said?! It said - "Abby's home". I went inside. I saw my mom. She said "Hi Abby! I got a gift for you!" And I got two surprises.

The 1st was that I got a present which had a small glass, which showed me in the jungle. I was stunned!
The 2nd one was --- this was all just a dream!!!! :)

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Anonymous said...

this is so surreal pappu! I wish you could draw a picture to show the dream. I LOVE IT!