Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Book 2: Abby at the beach

By: Pratya

"I am Abby. Yippee! Yippee! I'm gonig to the beach."  

I hurriedly ate my breakfast and changed into my beach clothes. I quickly yelled "Mom, Dad! Are you coming?" And of course they replied "coming Abby!"

I went fast to the middle seat of our scooter and yelled "so long" to my kitten. It was a long drive on the schooter to the beach. Finally we reached there. I jumped off and went into the sand. And guess what! I saw my best friend Lucy Howe! "Lucy!!" I said. "Oh Hi Abby! Hi Ms Diana! Hi Mr Peter!" Lucy was the girl who was the topper in everything in studies and had beautiful manners. I said "why dont we lie down for sometime?" I asked. "Sure" said Lucy and we lied down.

Suddenly, Lucy poured a bucket of water on me. "Stop Lucy!" I yelled. She made a crab pinch me. "oooo! Im going to smack you LUCY HOWELL!"" Then that Lucy Howell put an enormous stone on me. I was going to smack her very hard but I realized that this had been a dream :-)


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