Thursday, April 7, 2011

Circle of kindness

Once there was a butterfly named Flutter. She was very kind. One day she was flying around. Suddenly, she saw a little ant carrying a big sack. "Here, why don't I help you?" asked Flutter.'' Thanks alot '' said the ant.
'' Remember,Kindness  is a virtue. Pay it forward."

The next day the ant went strolling. Out of  the corner of his eye he saw a cow moaning. Remembering what Flutter said, he asked "what happened?" "My back is itching," said the cow. "I'll scratch it," said the ant and he did so. "Oh Thank You!" said Enid the cow. "Kindness is a virtue. Pay it forward." said the ant.

In the evening, Enid was munching grass.Suddenly she saw a little puppy crying bitterly. "Waz appin?" she asked with her mouth full of grass. "I am lost" sobbed Cutie the puppy. Feeling sorry for the puppy, Enid asked "where do you live?" "With Mary Ann," said Cutie. "Why! I know her!" exclaimed Enid. So she took Cutie to Mary Ann. "Thanks a lot!" said Cutie. "Kindness is a virtue. Pay it forward." mooed Enid.

The next day, Mary Ann took Cutie on a walk. Suddenly some mean boys came and pushed little Mary Ann into the pool. "Mary Ann!" squealed Cutie and at once went to Mary Ann's rescue. "Gosh! Thanks!" said Mary Ann to Cutie. "Kindness is a virtue. Pay it forward." yelped Cutie wisely.

Next day, Mary Ann again took Cutie for a walk. Then she saw a frog hopping. Suddenly a man came and trapped the poor frog. Mary Ann felt sorry for the little frog. So she boldly told the man "Stop it!" Fortunately, the man was a coward and he ran away. "Thank you!" croaked the frog. "Kindness is a virtue. Pay it forward." said Mary Ann.

In the evening, Froggie went flycatching. Suddenly, he saw poor Flutter stuck in a nasty web. "Oh no! a frog is coming to eat me" murmured Flutter. To his surprise, Froggie said, "don't worry, I will save you", and he carried Flutter out of the web. "Thanks" said Flutter. "Kindness is a virtue" said Froggie, making Flutter blush. "Seems my message passed around in a circle" said Flutter.

Everyone watching immediately shouted "KINDNESS IS A VIRTUEEEEEEE!"

Moral: Be kind to others. Others will be kind to you.

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Anonymous said...

The most beautiful and touching story. Loves the usage of expressions for the diff creatures. Keep it up! Hope u dotn mind me sharing this with my friends..after all "pay it forward" or "share it forward"!!! - pinni

pinni said...

A touching and beautiful story . Loves the usage of expressions for the diff animals. Hope u dont mind me "sharign it forward" with my friends.