Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Vacation

During my holidays, I went to Paris. It was a pretty city. We saw Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame (a church), and Disneyland. In Disneyland, my dad and I went on a ride called Space Mountain. I closed my eyes because there were so many loops! We also went in a boat which took us to see beautiful bridges on River Seine. It was fun. Our station's name was Glaciere. We would catch a Metro and go to other stations from there.

After a few days, we went to Phoenix, USA. I met my cousins and their dog Simba. He's fun to play with! We all enjoyed hiking and bowling together. I also got to walk Simba to the park.

Next, we went to Hawaii. Everyday me and my brother would go to the beache. I also went to a Polynesian Center. It was fun watching the dances. My hote's name was Hilton. All girls wore flowers in Hawaii. It was hot there!

Next, we came back to Phoenix. I was glad to be in their cosy house. Then we went to New Jersey. I stayed in my friend Shalini's house. We visited our old friends.

Finally we returned to Bangalore. We then went to Tirupati. I met my grandparents. My cousins Aditya and Anjali also came. We all went to Tirumal Hills and stayed in a cottage. We went to the temple there. My brother and Aditya got their heads shaved. After two days, we went back to Tirupati. I said Bye to my grandparents and took my cousins to Bangalore. We watched movies, played games, and went to the park. We also went to Innovative Film City. Aditya, my aunt, and I did pottery. Soon they left. It was a nice holiday and I'm thankful to my parents!

-- Pratya, IV E

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