Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Come Soon, Monsoon! - A skit by Pratya


Narrator (Boy 3): It was a beautiful day in Bangalore. Some boys and girls from Vidyashilp Academy had just got back home from school.

Boy 1: Yippeee! It’s a very nice and sunny day! Let’s go out and play, everyone!

Boy 2: Yes! I want to play Cricket!

Girl 1: I want to go skipping!

Girl 2: Let’s all take our bicycles out and go cycling!

Boy2 & Girl 1: Yay let’s all go out and have some fun!

Everyone pretends to be skipping or playing cricket. After a little time..

Narrator:  The kids had just started playing their games outside. But then, suddenly..

Girl 1: Hey! The clouds are getting darker. I think it’s going to rain!

Boy 1: The rain always spoils our fun. Why should it rain every evening?

Boy 2: Oh it must be the Monsoon our English teacher was telling us about!

Girl  1: Monsoon? What soon? What is it?

Girl 2: Oh don’t you know? Monsoon is a yearly weather pattern where parts of India get lot of rain and thunderstorms.

Boy 1: Well whatever this Monsoon is, I don’t like it! It spoilt our evening.

Everyone: “We don’t like this monsoon! It’s no fun at all”

Everyone puts a sad face and start walking away.

Boy 1: Why don’t you all come to my house? My mom is making some snacks.

Girl 2: Good idea! Let’s go.

Knock Knock

Boy 1: Hi mom! What’s there to eat?

Mom (Girl 3): Veggie cutlets, son!

Girl 2: Wow! These cutlets are really yummy!

Boy 1: Yes Mom, how did you make them so tasty?

Mom: Well, your dad got some fresh vegetables from the market. Do you know that because of the wonderful monsoon we’re having this year, farmers are able to grow really healthy crops and we are getting to enjoy great food!

Girl 1: Oh Wow! So that’s what monsoons are all about! They are really nice!

Boy 2: And, we were just complaining about them!


All boys and girls look to the sky and say: Thank you Dear Monsoon! Come again very soon!


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