Monday, August 8, 2011

Interactive Experiences

(Elocution topic for Shilp Encounter, August, 2011, written by Pratya)

Hi, I’m Pratya from class 4E. My topic today is Interactive Experiences. I will describe interactions in a family and at the hospital.

We have several interactions within our families. Let’s first look at how my family interacts to make an important decision.  I want a pet dog and I tell that to my Mom at dinner table. She replies “Dogs are dirty. You are too young to take care of one”. My brother says “I’m scared that the dog will drool on me and bite my hand”. Then dad says “we will get a small puppy and all of us will take care of it”. Finally mom agrees to get a dog for my next birthday. This is one interaction I really enjoyed!

Such things keep cropping up in our family. We talk, discuss, argue, and show love. Like, “are you feeling well dear?” mom asks if I’m looking dull. You can always interact with your parents about your problems and they help you solve them.

Some interactions go on about a particular topic. You can discuss with your parents about what happens at the school. Parents and siblings are like our best friends, they are curious to know how we spent our day.

Sometimes, you fight with your siblings about certain things. I say, “Let’s watch Harry Potter on TV”. My little brother Rohan says “I want Tom and Jerry! Harry Potter is scary”. Of course I know that he is wrong! So we get into an argument and then we try to negotiate. I tell him about Harry Potter and now he wants to watch it with me. We also crack jokes and talk about humorous things that happened.

We also interact with our extended families. We interact with our cousins about what games to play and what gifts they got. Our aunts and uncles ask us what birthday gifts we want. We ask our grandparents “How are you?” They say “Are you taking care of your parents?” Then we start telling them about the big events at school and they tell us about what happened when our parents were young. It is a lot of fun to interact with grandparents; they are full of love and lessons.

I recently came to know that I can interact with my father even when he is traveling! I send him an email telling him that we miss him. This makes him really happy and he immediately calls us on the phone.

Next, let us look at interactions at a hospital. When we go to the hospital, we first give our name to the person at the front desk. After sitting in the waiting room for a long time, the doctor calls us in. We tell her our problems. She interacts with us and figures out what is bothering us, like fever, flu etc. Then she gives us medicines telling us how to use them. While giving injections she asks questions to take our mind off it. She tells us good items to eat when sick. The nurses usually check our weight and height to see how we are growing up. I used to think that hospitals are all about painful injections, but these interactions make the visits fun!

In summary, things happen smoothly in the world because of interactions between people. It is important for us to learn how to interact nicely with different people in various environments. I hope you enjoyed this little interaction at Shilp Encounter!

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