Sunday, July 31, 2011

Somu learns a lesson

By: Pratya
Three words: Hurt, Cry, Happy
Word-giver: Aryan, Vidyashilp

There was once a boy called Somu. He was 10 years old and lived in Mumbai. He was a bit selfish, mean, and thought the world of himself.

"Somu, you need to do the math sums your math teacher gave you," Somu's mom called, "and the 15 line essay". "Whatever!" Somu thought. He did only 3 sums in math and 4 ines of the essay. And his hand was paining! "I feel like I wrote 150 lines!" he murmured.

Aryan was Somu's "follower", not "friend". He was very timid and shy, and was rather small for his age.
"Hi Somu!" said Aryan shyly.
"Respect your majesty," Somu shouted.
"Why should we?" a girl named Tanvi shrieked.
Somu went and gave her an angry look. They glared at each other and walked away.

When Somu went home, his mom told him that the next day was Aryan's birthday. Somu was excited.
The next day, his father drove him to Aryan's house. "Have fun!" he said and left. The boys had a lot of fun. They played Cricket and traded Cricket Attax cards. Aryan got a Gold Sachin! Somu was green with envy.

"This is such a dumb party!" he blurted out.

"This is the best part I've been to!" said Rahul immediately.

Somu charged towards him. Instead, he slipped in a puddle nearby. He started to cry. The boys walked away laughing. "Coward!" a boy smirked. Only Aryan was kind to Somu. He put a bandage on Somu's wound. Somu was very grateful. From then on he was a much kinder boy, ready to help anyone. He had many friends but his best friend was Aryan. As for Aryan, he was a very brave boy in life. The two made a good pair and lived happily ever after.


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