Sunday, October 16, 2011

A walk with collective nouns

Once there lived a family of people in Mexico. There was Mr. Arthur the dad, Mrs. Claire the mom, Ginny the daughter, and William the son.

One day, the family took out their litter of puppies for a walk. Suddenly, Ginny's puppy gave a jerk and escaped from her hand. It had seen a brood of hens walking by. "Don't you want to see that herd of sweet cows?" Ginny called out to her puppy. But the puppy shook his head and went to see a pride of lions resting in the forest. One of the lions saw it peeking and chased it away. The puppy caught scared and unknowingly barged through a flock of sheep grazing.

"You could've held the leash tighter!" commented William thinking this was great entertainment. "Where's mom?" asked Ginny ignoring her pesky brother. "She's gone to watch a troop of dancers" replied Mr. Arthur. "Hey look! your puppy is tripping over that orchestra of musicians!" exclaimed William. "Come here, you naughty puppy" said Ginny firmly, "we're going home now". The puppy obeyed.

As they walked home, they spotted a stand of flamingoes. "Aren't these beautiful?" said Mrs. Claire as she took a picture of squabble of seagulls. "No! these are!" said William pointing to a murder of crows. When they reached home, Ginny's puppy ran up and down the flight of stairs, a pack of cards in his mouth. Ginny and William got a stack of books and wrote about all the collective nouns they had learned that day.


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