Thursday, September 29, 2011

The adventures of Spots
The frozen avalanche

Hi, I am spots. Spots the dog. Or maybe Spots the famous dog! You know my last adventure with Pat and Dopey, right?

It was night and Pat, Dopey and Spots were chatting in Pat’s House. They were saying bye to Pat as it was winter and she was migrating. “Bye Pat, we are going to miss you!” chorused Spots and Dopey. “Bye guys!” said Pat. The next day Dopey felt grumpy as Pat wasn’t there to cheer him up. “No Pat and no adventure” he muttered.

“Why don’t we go out and play in the snow?” suggested Spots. “Good idea!” said Dopey brightening up.  “Yay!” squealed Dopey and Spots as they had a snowball fight. Suddenly Mr. John the police dog came running. “There is an avalanche coming in 5 minutes!” he shouted.
"Go back home! “Where should we go, we are stray?” Dopey asked Spots. “Pat’s house!” replied Spots.  “Run! That was close!” said Dopey once they’d reached. “What do you mean that was close, that was extremely close!”retorted Spots.“Seriously Dopes, did I have to pull you?”

“Why don’t we stop the avalanche?” said Dopey suddenly. “Bones and biscuits!” Have you gone mad? Shrieked Spots. “ Come on Spots,please?”said Dopey. “Fine” murmured  Spots.
But how? “Let’s think” replied Dopey. “I Know”! Spots jumped up. “ In our last adventure there was an old cat right?” “ Remember she gave me a wand? “Though nobody knew because it was a secret”. “ I know what you are thinking” interrupted Dopey. “ Let’s use the wand to stop the avalanche!” “Exactly” said Spots. “But we don’t know any magic spell” said Dopey doubtfully.

“We can ask Whiskers the magic witch cat” replied Spots. “Yeah, let’s go! So Dopey and Spots set off to Whiskers cottage. “Who is it?” called Whiskers.” Dopey and Spots” said Dopey timidly.

“Get in” said Whiskers. “Why are you here?”  she cackled.. “Make it fast”. “ You see we er um we” stammered Dopey.  “We need a spell that will stop the avalanche from coming” said Spots. “Let me see” said Whiskers picking up a book. “Meanwhile make sure that the magic cookies which I’m baking don’t get burnt okay Spots?” he said sternly. Spots did as he was told. After 10 seconds  Whiskers called Spots in. “So?” said Spots. “How do we do it?” “Think of your happiest memory” said Whiskers. “Then your saddest”. “That’s all?” asked Dopey. “No”. “Then wave your wand and say ‘Iscartem fisa’. “Got it?” “Yup” answered Spots. “Now get out of here!” ordered Whiskers.

“Wow!” That is one fierce cat!” exclaimed Spots outside. “ Ya, she gives me the heebeejeebees” agreed Dopey. “Now let’s go and freeze the avalanche!” squealed Spots. Dopey and Spots rushed to stop the avalanche.”I say Spots” said Dopey stopping to catch her breath, “Have  you read the latest Catty Potter?” “It’s about this wonderful wizard cat with his  friends Hermousnee  Granger and Rat Weasley”. “Dopey, there is NO time to talk about doggy joggy Potter!” said Spots. “The avalanche is coming in one minute!” And it surely was coming. So Spots and Dopey continued racing to the avalanche. Finally they reached, panting. “Perform the magic, Spots” urged Dopey. “Do it!” Spots thought of his happiest and saddest memories.  Then with confidence he said “Iscartem fisa”! The avalanche stopped. Then it slowly melted. “Yay!” squealed Dopey giving her friend a big hug. “ We would have been in danger if you hadn’t stopped the avalanche!” said Mr. John. The next day Pat was back. She was astonished when Spots &  Dopey told her everything! “I seriously wish I was there!” said Pat.

The three friends hugged with Spots clutching the magic wand tightly in his hand. 

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