Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who’s scared of a Ghoto!

Hi I am Alicia, Alicia Bonnet. I live in London with my mom Judie, who is a doctor, my dad Frank, who is a scientist, and Cathy the housemaid. I’m 8 years old. I have two friends – Jennifer Williams, an American girl, who has a puppy named Cookie but has no siblings; and Natalie Peterson, an English girl, who has two brothers James and Alex.

“What a wonderful day!” exclaimed Natalie as we biked around the street on a fine day in May. Cookie ran behind her yelping. “I think Cookie agrees with you” I sniggered. “Why don’t we go for a ride in the forest?” suggested Jenny and off we went. “Nice dress” Jenny complimented me. “Thanks” I said, “Aunt Emily gave it to me for my 5th birthday!”

Suddenly, Natalie gave a gasp. “What is it?!” I asked, startled. “I just saw two tiny pink dwarves passing by” replied Natalie, recovering from her shock. “You are just seeing things!” said Jenny scornfully, shaking her head, as her short brown hair bounced up and down.

But then we all saw it! Two tiny pink twin puppies or dwarves (I’m not sure!) came running to us. “Aren’t they cute, Allie?” said Natalie. “Yup!” I replied. “What are your names?” Jenny asked them. “Wee Wee, Wah Wah” said the first one. I think the first one is “LiLi” and the second one is “LaLa” I said with a grin. Lili was pointing to my white dress, Jenny’s white hairband, and Natalies’s white ribbons. “What!” Jenny asked, somewhat irritated. “Ghoto” squealed LaLa and they both broke into a run.

“What’s Ghoto?!” I asked my friends.
 “..and why are they pointing at white things?!” observed Natalie.
“..and why are they such silly creatures?!” exclaimed Jenny rolling her eyes.
“I have an answer for Natalie’s question” I said.
Natalie came running to me eagerly to know the answer.
“May be they are scared of the color white” I suggested.
“or may be something else that is white scares them” said Jenny thoughtfully.
“What’s a white Ghoto!” I questioned.
“Let’s meet at your house” said Natalie and so we did.

First, Jenny arrived with a yellow top and blue jeans, and a football in her hands. “Wanna play?” she asked me.

One thing about Jenny. She is really mad about sports, while Natalie likes dresses and make-up.
“Um.. Sorry, we came here to discuss” I said.
Then Natalie came, her long blonde hair tied up in a plait. “I have an answer to this little mystery!” she announced.
“What!!” I asked eagerly.

“LiLi and LaLa are scared of white goats!” she replied. “How is Ghoto a Goat?” asked Jenny confused. “Come on Jenny! They are just babies” said Natalie as if that was really obvious. “Who would be scared of goats?” I asked. “As I said, they are babies!” said Natalie enjoying all the attention. “Let’s ask your dad, he’s  a scientist” said Jenny to me.

“Hey Girls!” said dad, stepping into the room, “what do you need me for?”

“Dad, do you know any two pink creatures scared of white goats?”

“Not even a baby is scared of goats” replied dad and left the room.

Suddenly, Jenny fell off her chair. “Jenny are you..” I started off. “I got the answer!” squealed Jenny. “What?!” we asked impatiently. “Ghoto meants Ghosts!” replied Jenny “LiLi and LaLa are scared of ghosts”. “So they pointed at the white colors on us” I continued. “And they ran away” finished Natalie.

“What should we do?” I asked.
“Let’s go and comfort them” suggested Jenny.
“Don’t wear anything white!” Natalie giggled and we set off.

LiLi and LaLa were sitting in the forest. “Don’t be scared of ghosts” I said gently. “White stands for peace!” added Natalie. LiLi and LaLa were touched. So we took them home to stay with us. I took LiLi while Natalie took LaLa. “What about you Jenny?” I asked. “It’s ok. I have Cookie” she replied.

And that’s where the story ends

PS: we haven’t realized what creatures LiLi and LaLa are, yet. Have you? If you meet them, tell us what they are!


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nice story prat PS try using the other words i gave you