Thursday, June 28, 2012

Funny Poem

By: Pratya     Date:28/6/12
As I go to the palace,
Watching a yummy cake,
Covered with icing,
Lying beside some steak.

Chocolates, sweets, donuts,
Am I in a dream?
Ice cream with sprinkles,
And extra whipped cream.

I glanced at mom and dad
They stared at the food in disgust!
I asked them what happened?
They said we're leaving we must!

I stamped my foot in protest,
We're not leaving no way!
This place is awesome!
We're staying here okay!

"Get in!" shouted mom
She had a glint in her eye,
I sulkily got in the car
Oh my, oh my! oh my!

Where will we go?
Will it be somewhere nice?
What if its Antarctica?
What if there's a lot of ice!

When we reached, there were
insects everywhere,
slugs in my shirt,
worms in my hair!

"What is this place!" I shrieked,                                            
shooing a bee away,                                                           
but dad was speechless, 
and mom had nothing to say!

Finally we reached the house,
It was made out of hay,
"Well, lets go in"
I heard dad say.

As soon as we touched the door,
The house broke into pieces,
Oh where should we live? What should we do?
Help us! Jesus! 

Suddenly a dog walked to us,
And what an idea I had,
Lets go to England,
I told mom and dad.

They agreed wholeheartedly,
And now we live in England,
What a day I thought,
As I stretched my legs on the sand...


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Anonymous said...

if you tempt me again.... whatever, i liked your poem alot

Anonymous said...

really nice, I like it

Anonymous said...

nice prazzi,
is the sand quicksand????

Anonymous said...

nice prazzi,
is the sand quicksand????

Anonymous said...

is the sand quicksand????

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

very nice pratya
from divya