Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Family Portrait (in verse)

A person who you love very much
Someone who guides you everywhere
She’s with you forever
Safely in your heart, she’s kept there

She’s friendly and kind
And has a great mind
She’s honest and loving
A hard person to find…

Can you guess who it is?
Your Mother!

There’s someone else who keeps you bright,
He’s cheerful and fun
He’s very very caring
And is just like the Sun!

He will make you work hard
But also laugh out loud
Your father is the one
Just keep him very proud

Mom and Dad are parents
With them your life is cool
They will make you work hard
But they will also take you to the pool!

He’s playful and fun
But can also really fight
Your brother is the one
Who sleeps next to you in the night.

She takes care of you
And tells you right from wrong
That explains your sister
Who’ll stay with you for long.

Siblings and parents are fun
They teach you many things
Without them your life will be lonely
I can’t imagine such a thing!

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