Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Lively Hallows

By: Pratya
Three words: Brothers who always fight
Word-giver: Arya, Vidyashilp Academy

There were once two brothers Vikram and Vinay. Both of them were kind, hardworking, respectful, and smart. They were 7 years old and lived in a nice house.

Now, one day, as they were walking to the park, they found a beautiful stone. "That stone is so pretty!" Vinay exclaimed. "Let's crack it and keep one half" said Vikram sensibly. They tried several times but it was of no use. Vikram shrieked "I want it Now!". Vinay shouted "You'll surely not get it!" Both of them hurriedly raced to the pretty stone. Surprisingly, the stone suddenly disappeared! Vinay and Vikram were shocked. They glared at each other, turned on their heels, and ran home.

The next day, they were walking to school. A beautiful horse passed by. It had brown eyes and a shiny black coat. Remember the previous day's experience, they kept quiet. But neither of them could resist temptation. They both rushed to grab hold of her, but she vanished! Vikram and Vinay were very puzzled. They went home thinking.

The third day, they saw a Silver gleaming sword. "I can feel it is made right for me!" said Vinay delightfully. Vikram snorted. They both ran towards it. But unfortunately it vanished! Vikram looked around suspiciously.

The next, they met a saint. They asked him about the stone, horse, and the sword.

"You foolish boys! In this world, we do things to help everyone. The stone for curing, the horse for rescuing, and the sword for protecting. Don't judge a book by its cover. You wanted these things for their looks and not to help others, that's why you could not get them."

The brothers were quite taken aback. They went home guiltily. From then on, they changed their behavior when they saw some attractive things. Can you guess how they changed?

Moral: Don't judge things by their appearance. Think about how they can be useful.

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