Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Adventures of Spots: The Mystery of the Missing Ring

By: Pratya
Three words: Dog, Cat, Bird
Word-giver: Natasha

There was once a dog named Spots. He lived in Paris and was a stray. He had 2 friends Dopey the kitten and Pat the parrot. “Hey Pat how are you?” asked Spots. “Fine!” replied Pat with a grin. “Guess what Dopey did this time!?” said Pat. “She acted like a crazy dog and licked everything she saw! There is Dopey! What’s going on Dope?” asked Spots. ”I am waiting for another adventure” replied Dopey.

Before Pat could say anything Mr. John the police dog came running by. "What happened Mr. John?" asked Spots politely. “Polly the parrot dropped her ring somewhere” replied Mr. John hurriedly. I need to sniff it out! “Guys, we need to help Polly, meet at the bus stop at 11:30”said Pat. Bye! First we need to find out where Polly went today thought Spots. He found a piece of chicken and gobbled it up.

When it was 11:30 the animals met. “Let’s investigate!”squealed Dopey. “No, first we need to split up” said Pat firmly. “Dopey and I will go to the road and start searching. Spots can ask Polly a few questions.” “Sure!” said Spots. Spots ran to Polly’s house. “Who is it?” called Polly. Me, Spots! “Come in”. “So why did you come here?” asked Polly. “To ask you a few questions” replied Spots. “Be fast, I need to take my babies to flying classes!” hurried Polly. “Where were you when you lost the ring?” inquired Spots. “In Squawky rainforest” answered Polly.” Bye I need to take my babies! “ Squawky rainforest” Spots murmured to himself as he went to meet Pat and Dopey. “Hi Spots!” said Pat. “Found anything? Yup! Spots told them about the rainforest. Did you find anything?” asked Spots. “No” said Dopey. “Except, Dopey thought that a snake was some yarn to play with” added Pat. “Patricia!”

“Here’s mom calling, I need to, bye!” said Pat.

“Why don’t we search in squawky rainforest?”suggested Dopey. “We need Pat as a guide” reminded Spots. Dopey yawned. “Goodnight!” said Spots. Both of them curled up and were soon fast asleep.

“Wake up sleepy heads!” screeched Pat in the morning, “we got work to do!” “Ready!” said Dopey and Spots. “Well, let’s get going to Squawky rainforest!” said Spots. “It’s such a long distance” protested Dopey. “Mary the flying horse is going to take us” replied Pat. At that moment Mary the flying horse appeared in front of them. “Get on” she said.

The friends had a wonderful adventure flying on the horse. “Cool!” said Dopey when they reached. “Spots! Sniff under the bushes, Dopy! Search on the ground” Pat ordered “I’ll check in the trees”. The friends searched and searched but the ring was nowhere to be found. “I guess we should come tomorrow” panted Spots, her tongue hanging out. “Certainly” said Pat. “There is Pamela” said Dopey. “Hey Pam!” called Spots. “Dopy told me that you guys were going to find Polly’s ring” said Pam. “Got anything?” “No, we are coming back tomorrow” replied Pat. “Come to my house kennel. We’ll have a few biscuits” said Pam. “Sure! I’m starving” moaned Dopey.

It was soon 6:00 in the morning. Spots didn’t feel like snoozing, so he went for a little walk. “Hey there!” Rosy the cat called. “I gave birth to a new kitten!”. “What did you name him” asked Spots. “Mewsie”.

Suddenly, there was a yelp. Mewsie had fallen in the pool. “Mewsieeee” squealed Rosey. Spots dived into the pool. He caught hold of the little kitten and she was saved. “I don’t know how to thank you!” exclaimed Rosey. “My pleasure” said Spots with a grin. Soon Dopey and Pat joined him. “What’s up” asked Pat. Spots told them. “Good for you buddy!” said Dopey with a grin. “Now let’s go to the rainforest”. “What about Mary?” asked Spots. “She’s too busy, so we’ll have to walk” said Pat.

On the way, they met an old cat. She stopped them and pointed at Spots. “O O O oo say moosy” “What?” said Dopey confused. “She’s saying that Spots saved Mewsie” explained Pat. “Moosy e ma gadotre”. “Mewsie is my granddaughter” repeated Spots. “I gee sommy ee reta” said the cat. “She’s going to give Spots something in return” said Dopey delighted.

The old cat rummaged in her purse and pulled a ring out. “That’s Polly’s ring!” said Spots excited. “Yay! We found the ring!” said Dopey delighted. “Did you steal it?” Pat asked suspiciously. “Me fa the rafa” said the cat. “She found it in the rainforest” said the friends. “Polly would never have found the ring if you hadn’t saved Mewsie!” said Dopey giving her friend a big hug.

“Thank you so much!” exclaimed Polly. “It was nothing” said Spots modestly, “couldn’t have done it without Pat, Dopey, and of course the cat”. “Tha Ku” said the cat.

Can you guess what she said?


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