Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Is too much Cricket making us less smart?

Has Sachin hit his 100th century yet? Will Bangalore Royal Challengers win the IPL cup?
Good morning, I’m Pratya from class 4E and my topic is ‘Are minds of people getting eroded due to present state of competitiveness in the game of Cricket?
Yes, I believe so. All of us love to watch cricket. But some people go crazy about it and lose focus on other things. So, minds of people are getting eroded due to the game of Cricket.
Let’s look at some examples to prove this point. Do you remember the World Cup? Of course you do! Everyone was excited about it. We were all delighted that India won. Our minds got on that event and we couldn’t stop talking about it. This was certainly a distraction. Children can lose track of studies if they only think about Cricketers. Also, if we read only the Cricket section in the daily newspaper, we won’t know about other important things going on around us. We won’t even be able to enjoy other fun things like Books if we keep dreaming about Cricket! Sometimes, Cricket distracts us so much that we get tensed about the matches. A few children say “Teacher, I couldn’t do my homework because I was busy watching the world cup!” For example, my brother always says “Can’t I go out and play Cricket instead of staying inside the house?!
I’m not saying that Cricket is all bad. It keeps us fit and healthy if we play it. It’s also a great entertainment to watch Dhoni hit sixers! It gives us an opportunity to show our patriotism for our country. Cricket can also teach us math through adding scores, angle of bowling, etc. It shows us great teamwork.
However, if Cricket is all we play, watch, and talk about, we won’t learn anything else. And that will definitely erode our minds because our minds grow by learning new things. In conclusion, we all love cricket but we should have limits. We should only watch important matches and use the remaining time for other activities. That will keep our minds sharp.
That said, Go RCB!
Thank you!!

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