Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Lonely Dog (A poem)

(rhyme: A B C B)
word giver: Shalini Akka

There was once a dog
jumping all around
he played with a ball
which was nice and round.

Once he went outside
and saw a pretty cat
he wanted a good friend
but she hit him with a bat

Then he saw an elephant
who almost cracked the wall
Should an elephant be his friend?
but it was so scary and tall!

He bounced the ball along the road
and went to visit the mouse
He asked if she could be his friend
but she kicked him out of the house

The poor dog went home sad
and turned off the light
He felt sad and lonely
Oh what a bad night!

In the morning he saw a fly
dancing around in the sky
Was this his new friend?
but she wouldn’t even say hi!

Can you be my friend?
he asked a spider in a cage
Can’t you see I’m stuck
screamed the spider in a rage!

I’ll help you, said the dog
gently taking him out
The spider landed on the ground
with a grin and a pout!

Thank you! said the spider
shaking the dog’s hand
Let us be best friends
race you to the sand!

The dog was very happy
he got a friend at last
he went home feeling good
oh what a day! what a blast!


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