Saturday, March 10, 2012

Intelligent ice cubes?

Three words: cat, sun, ice cubes
Word-giver: Rohan and Daddy

Hi! I am Snowy the cat. I live with my mom Whiskers in Paris. Our house’s name is “The Basket”.

It was a nice sunny day and I was strolling to the park. There were some ice cubes scattered everywhere. I wondered why. “Hello!” said a timid voice suddenly. I looked back shocked but there was not a soul to be found. I kept walking to the swing still thinking about the voice. May be I was dreaming. That’s because I had a dream the night before about a puppy saying Hi to me. But that’s an other story.

Anyway, as I perched on the swing, the voice came again. “Can you help me?” it said, This time I saw that the ice cubes were speaking! It was a funny sight. Their lips were moving up and down as they talked. I couldn’t believe my eyes! How can I non-living thing speak? I jumped up startled. 

“Sorry to scare you, but we need your help” squeaked the ice cubes. 

“uh-h-h wwwhhaat happenedddd?” I stammered. 

“The hot irritating Sun is melting us” complained the ice cubes.

I suddenly realized that the ice cubes were turning into water. “So how can I help you? And who planted you in the park?” I asked.

“Some mean boys” answered the ice cubes.

“Hey! Why don’t I put you in the freezer?” I said kindly.

“What’s a freezer?”

“You’ll see” I replied, “now,  hop on my back”.

I quickly raced home with the heavy ice cubes dripping from my back.

“Why in the world are there ice cubes on your back?!” shrieked mom.

“Oh can you please put us in the freezer?” said an ice cube.

Mom jumped up. I grinned and filled her in with the ice cubes story. I thought she would snort in scorn, but she believed me.

“Get into the freezer” said Mom, pushing them one by one.

“Hey this is where we were born!” said an ice cube.

“And that’s your new home” I concluded.

The ice cubes looked very happy. “There’s no place like a freezer!” they said.

“Are all non-living things alive?” I asked the ice cubes.

“Nope!” they replied, “did you know? we are slippery so that we can slip from your hands and run away?”

I giggled. “By the way, what are your names?” I asked.

“Ice cubes don’t have names, silly!” they retorted, “ what’s yours?”

“I’m snowy” I answered, “bye, gotta go to bed!” I shut the freezer door.

I guess that’s the end of my strange adventure with ice cubes. I cuddled in my bed wondering how the ice cubes were doing. What a day!

PS. Is my bed going to wake up in the middle of the night and chat with me?

PPS: Go, open your freezer and start talking to an ice cube.

PPPS: Enough of PS’es!

PPPPS: Good night! And don’t let the ice cubes bite!

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