Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Book 3: Go Abby go!

By: Pratya

Hi! Nice to meet you again! I am Abby. I was going to school with Rocky Ray my friend. In school the teacher announced that we are going to have ar ace at the farm. Everyone will make partners to sit with in the bus. I winked at my  best friend Lucy. In recess we discussed about it. It was all planned. Me and Lucy will sit in the 2nd last seat. Rocky will set sit behind us. When I went home I told my mom about it. She said "Ok you may go, BUT BE CAREFUL!" Ok I said. Parents are always serious.

Soon it was the day of the field trip. Me and Lucy went to the back as we had planned. Next to us sat Brittany Hauser and Courtney Wilcox. All four of us discussed how fun it will be. Soon we reached the farm. Everyone picked an animal to ride a race. I picked a cow. Soon the race began. I was last. But soon I beat up everyone can  came second. Lavanya was before me. She was so fast that.. SHE FELL! Ih oh! I thought. I got off my cow and made a dive for Lavanya. We both were the last to reach. But I was shocked as the referee said our true friend winner was ABYY PERIWINKLE!

Everyone said "Go ABBY GO" I was so happy! Lavanya had tears in her eyes. I went to pick up my trophy. And guess what still was said?



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