Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Book 4. Abby is a rascal

By: Pratya

I still have my trophy from the race!

Once I was walking with Jessie (my friend) to school. "Could I come to your house tomorrow?" she asked.
"Ok, but it's going to be Tuesday tomorrow!"
"It's a holiday!" protested Jessie. 
"Let's see" I said. 

In school our teacher said the same thing. "Se!" Jessie said. "Ok you can come" I said.

The next day Jessie and I played at our house. "Let's take a nap" Jessie said. "Ok".

In the middle of the nap, I scratched Jessie, puller her hair, snatched her clip, and did more naughty things.

"Stop it Abby!" she said.

Soon mom called us for tea. I told mom that Jessie was sleeping. I tickled Jessie.

"EXCUSE ME, MISS PERRYWINKLE ABBY!" she shouted. "Stop being cheeky!"

"So what!" I said, "Today is my mischief day!"

Now, here's the funny part on how the story ended. When Jessie had to leave, she said, "Seriously, Abby, you are a silly rascal and it was the most fun I had with you today!" and gave me a biiiig hug. 


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