Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Book 5: Lucy's Birthday!

By: Pratya

I was taking my kitten for a walk on Saturday. Suddenly Lucy came running up to me. Before I could say hi she pushed an envelope in my hand. I went home to open it. It was a b'day invitation! My mom said I may go. In the night I dreamt about what I will gie Lucy.

The next day was Lucy's party. But I was coughing. Mom said I can't go if I am coughing. "But ma" I began. "No sweetie, some other time" she said. I didn't go to the party.

On monday, Lucy was very angry with me. She wouldn't come with me at home time. While I was walking home, I tripped over a stone and fell. Behind was the grinning Lucy. "Lucy, I'm very sorry" I said.

Then I had a plan. The next day I stuffed a present in Lucy's cubby. In assembly she had to announce who gave the best gift. This is what she said. 

"3rd place is Jessie Scarlett! She gave me a barbie set"

"2nd place is Andrea Young! she gave me a cute little hamster."

"And finally, oh finally. FIRST place is ABBY PERRYWINKLE! She gave me a heart-shaped pillow which said LOVE!"

I went on stage. Lucy gave me a big hug and said "Sorry Abby"

And there was only one word everyone could chant. And that was "LOVE!!"


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